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New Media: 1st and 2nd year work


In the 2012 edition “Working in New Media” second year group project module, one group chose to answer a brief set by Facebook and Spotify:
“We need a digital creative idea that will get people to be more interactive with Spotify on Facebook. We want to get people to use music in their social conversations. We want to remind them that they can discover more about their friends through their music tastes, and discover even more music that they might enjoy. With the new music dashboard feature you can discover artists and tracks that are trending with your friends. It’s the thrill of looking through a friend’s music collection and finding a track that blows your mind”.

Tour De Yorkshire

In 2013, second year new media students, working alongside communications students, responded to a brief set by Mixd Web Design Agency to promote cycling using the 2014 visit of the Tour De France to Yorkshire as inspiration. It asked students to come up with a strong creative concept – brought to life across a variety of touchpoints, including online – that makes people want to ride a bike. Two responses to this brief were Ride and Seek and Rule Your Region, both of which required people to get on their bikes, photograph themselves at a series of hotspots around the Tour De France region, and share their photos online.



In 2013, students responded to a brief which asked them to create an interactive comic book that uses storytelling and characterisation to convey the benefits of a pharmaceutical product of your choosing, thus challenging them to apply their creativity in a very specialised field. An example by Klaudia Szlifinska can be seen here.


Wesley teh Penguin

Wesley the Penguin

First year student Klaudia Szlifinska created this character in response to a brief to create a new lead Disney character, with heart and optimism, for a narrative-driven cartoon.



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