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New Media: final year projects

2013 (not all links are live)

stop hate crime

Stop Hate Crime

Emma Woodhouse worked with CHANGE People to produce this microsite about hate crime. The microsite aims to raise awareness about what hate crime is, so that people with learning disabilities who are often the victims of hate crime are able to recognise it as such, and know how and where to report it. She worked closely with end users of the site during the development process, aiming to communicate this important information in a visually engaging way.



Connor Home created this platform for sharing songs, playlists & mixes based on a journey, which combines Google maps API with Spotify service to allow users to map journeys and build musical playlists that accompany them – from a simple playlist to brighten up the daily commute to an epic soundtrack to motivate someone up a mountain. Journix aims to create a community which thrives on exploration and a variety of great music.



Final year student Craig Charlton created a satirical animation based upon his hilarious vision of the development of Facebook over the next decade: “Join us as we look back over the years at Facebook; witness its tranformation from a hip social networking platform to a feared world super power by 2019”. Available on Newgrounds and Youtube, part 1 sees the opening of Facebook to the public and the arrival of the Timeline UI and its grizzly consequences; part 2 sees the release of the All Seeing iPad and Mark Zuckerberg’s eventual public breakdown.



Oliver Ash identified the gap between the RSS reaser and the social sharing platforms and built Sbscribe to fill it. The platform uses a robust JavaScript back-end architecture to allow the user to easily identify and subscribe to news feeds from all over the web, as well as enabling users to discover the feeds that are interesting their friends and peers. On top of this, Sbscribe performs the task of harvesting and displaying the news stories themselves in a clean, easy-to-read format.

link to classics rejuvenation project

Classics Rejuvenation

In 2011, final year student Sarah Turner launched a project which aims to rejuvenate classic novels and plays, based on research that indicated that people who dislike reading are nonetheless interested in classic stories. She prototyped the application with this new media narrative of the classic play Dr Faustus. With this visually stunning and media rich piece, Sarah hopes to engage people who like stories, but don’t enjoy reading.

trappd project


In 2011, final year student Simon Read produced our first iPhone App, an adventure game featuring original gameplay and music. Help the retro-designed lead character escape from the iPhone by shaking the phone when he successfully gets to the end of the course – and enjoy the glass-breaking visuals and sound effects. Simon didn’t make his app available to download from the iPhone App store – we wish he had!

link to what maketh the mad man project

What Maketh The Mad Man?

In 2011, final year student Adam Hunt created this interactive and entertaining look at working in the digital creative industries. Incorporating rich visuals and a range of interactive technologies, and parodying the opening credits of the hit TV series Mad Men, this website creates a bridge between undergraduates and the workplace, highlighting the soft and interpersonal skills that are required to work in these fields.



Screening makes it easy to discover your new favourite movie, or new information about a timeless classic. Alex Ryans used only the essential, ‘need-to-know’ details from a number of major movie database APIs and displayed it in an intuitive, clean and simple interface which is easy to navigate. As well as info, trailers, featurettes and links to retail outlets, Screening’s ‘Watchlists’ make it easy to build your own playlists of those films you love, or to keep track of the ones you can’t wait to see, then share them with via Facebook or Twitter

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