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Before You Come: Reading, Viewing and Listening

Developing ‘news sense’ is essential to your success as a Broadcast Journalism student at the School. To get you started, we have listed below a range of resources that you can read, watch, or¬†listen to before you arrive.

Of course, developing news sense is an ongoing process, so don’t stop engaging with the news once you begin your programme. It’s important that you keep up with local, national and global news and current affairs on a daily basis. As Jon Snow says, this is essential if you want to be a journalist. If you do it, the work you produce during your degree will be better informed and much better quality.

Background reading / listening

My Trade by Andrew Marr

Radio Journalism by Guy Starkey and Andrew Crisell

Making News (a BBC radio documentary about news production)

News programmes

Channel 4 News


The Media Show

Aljazeera English



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