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Do you accept General Studies A level?

Yes. Due to the breadth of our degree programmes, we do consider General Studies to be a useful and relevant qualification. All our undergraduate programmes consider this subject as a relevant ‘A’ level.

Do you make points equivalent offers for A levels?

Generally, no. We look for consistency of performance, and our offers will usually be grade specific.

Do you accept creative or ‘non academic’ A levels such as Art or Theatre Studies?

We prefer at least two of your A levels to be in essay-based subjects, such as English, History, Media Studies or Sociology.

Can I apply to more than one of your four courses?

Yes. Each application will be considered separately, on its own merits. Make sure, of course, that you only apply for the one(s) in which you are genuinely interested as each will count as one of your maximum of six choices through UCAS.

Can I defer entry?

Yes. We believe that a gap year can be a very useful experience. However, we do like you to do something constructive during your year out, rather than just take time off.

Do you accept applications from mature students?

Yes. We welcome applications from non-traditional applicants. If you are one of these, it is usually best, however, to discuss your application in advance, as individual circumstances tend to vary.

What about accommodation?

All single first year students who have applied for University accommodation by June may expect to be offered a place in a University hall of residence or flat. You can find out more about University accommodation here.

I’m an international applicant. What happens if I can’t come to an open or selection day?

We realise that time, distance and expense are realistic factors here. If you are unable to come to visit us in England, we will communicate with you by mail, telephone, fax, e-mail. We are, after all, a communications department!

What are the tuition fees?

Any queries regarding tuition fees, please email feequeries@leeds.ac.uk or telephone 0113 3436700.


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