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Mapping a Mediated City: The Leeds Media Ecology Project

This project is an attempt to understand how a range of diverse media practices contribute to the production of news within the city of Leeds. The research team (Stephen Coleman, Giles Moss, Nancy Thumim, Judith Stamper, Jay Blumler and Steve McDermott) have been mapping the activities of news producers (BBC, ITV, local press, independent journals, bloggers, tweeters, city council) and news audiences (via a local survey and a series of focus groups) with a view to mapping the the complex division of labour within the local media ecology; explaining how mainstream and alternative journalistic norms converge, conflict and might possibly fit together; understanding how citizens access and make sense of local news; and offering policy proposals for the creation of a future, more coherent local media ecology. For more information about the project, contact the Principal Investigator, Professor Stephen Coleman.

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