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Professor Dominic Wring of Loughborough University discusses newspaper coverage of the 2015 UK Election at a Political Communication Research Group event

The Political Communication Research Group provides a forum to discuss and investigate the way in which power and political ideas are represented in a diversity of communication contexts. Communication has always been an integral part of politics; but it could be argued that recent technological, social, cultural and economic developments have fundamentally changed the relationship between politics and the media. These changes affect all levels of politics: from the institutional to the informal arena; from collective action to personal desires; and from public to private spheres of communication. The Political Communication Research Group aims to understand these changes. Broadly speaking, our research interests cover:

The Political Communication Research Group promotes a broad understanding of the subject area that is attentive to fresh perspectives on how politics is communicated in modern societies. Central to this approach is to recognise the blurring boundaries of the political, which are increasingly open to popular culture, consumerism and everyday lifestyles on the one hand, and bound up with international information flows and global conflicts on the other.

Through its various activities the Political Communication Research Group supports and promotes the investigation of the changing nature of media and communication and its impact on the quality of democratic politics. We organise regular meetings and workshops and are engaged in collaborative initiatives with other Research Groups and Research Centres at the School of Media and Communication (see the events section of this website for more details). Members of the Political Communication Research Group are involved in numerous research projects that reflect the diversity and range of political communication research at the School.

Featured projects:

For more information about the group and its activities, please contact Giles Moss or Katy Parry.

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