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Media Industries and Cultural Production

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The Media Industries and Cultural Production Research Group addresses relations between media, culture, society, economics, and politics. We mainly (though not exclusively) focus on questions of production, policy and regulation – contemporary and historical.

Particular interests include (but are not confined to) cultural and digital work, copyright, public service media, critiques of capitalist cultural production and consumption, the influence of digitalisation on cultural production, cultural and media policy, including urban and international cultural policy, the relationship between media industries and the environment/climate change, and the social and cultural value of symbol making in modern societies.

The School has a very strong reputation in these areas of study, with a very marked concentration of published researchers with international reputations for work on these matters.

We are interested in empirical studies and in theoretical development. The ‘industries’ we cover include (but are not confined to): film, television, music, radio, publishing, advertising/marketing/PR, web design, video/digital game industries.

Researchers associated with the Group draw on a range of approaches, including: critical political economy; the sociology of culture and organisational studies; radical media sociology; and cultural studies (production studies/critical media industry studies, cultures of production, cultural economy).

We meet regularly to discuss key readings, hear visiting speakers and discuss topics of current relevance. You would be very welcome to join the Group, regardless of the topic of your own PhD.

For more information about the group and its activities, please contact David Hesmondhalgh.

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