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The ICRG brought author Nick Davies to Leeds University in October 2014

At the School of Media and Communication, our research in International Communication cuts across disciplines and approaches, but is broadly united by a critical focus on the manifestation of power relations through communication processes, including those in the rapidly evolving digital realm.

The International Communication Research Group (ICRG) promotes advanced research, supports postgraduate teaching and enhances understanding of international communications across the University of Leeds and beyond. It continues the work of the Centre for International Communications Research which has promoted international communications research at the University of Leeds since the 1990s.

ICRG participant’s interests include:

The ICRG seeks to organise special events related to international communication as well serving as a forum for discussion of current research and developments in the practice of international communications. The ICRG is committed to research-led teaching, and this is demonstrated in the highly successful MA in International Communications, which has been flourishing since the 1990s with hundreds of alumni around the world. We also support a vibrant PhD programme, and we are interested in receiving proposals in all areas of international communications. For further information please contact mediaphd@leeds.ac.uk

The ICRG is currently coordinated by Dr Chris Paterson at c.paterson@leeds.ac.uk and sub co-ordinated by Ali Morpeth at a.c.morpeth@leeds.ac.uk

The Africa / Media Group is an occasional subgroup of the ICRG and has a focus on communications issues relevant to Africa. It is open to staff and students from across the University of Leeds. Contact Chris Paterson, above, for information.

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