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Digital Cultures

Photo by Joanne Armitage: Renick Bell improvising using Conductive at ICLC Algorave, Hamilton, ON, Canada 15/10/2016

The Digital Cultures Research Group approaches the digital both as an object of enquiry and a methodological approach. We use existing methods to understand digital objects, structures and processes in order to address contemporary questions. At the same time, we seek to explore, evaluate and develop new methods to understand emerging digital and technological phenomena.

Investigating the role of the digital in contemporary creative and cultural production, the Digital Cultures Research Group asks questions about how the affordances of digital objects affect how we sense and perceive the world and place ourselves within it. We analyse how digital objects and methods can be used, or can be influential, in civic and political communication and culture. Providing an opportunity for practice-based research, the group recognizes digital creation as a key force in contemporary culture which can produce structures that facilitate and influence everyday decisions and experiences.

Digital media and technologies can act as disruptive – and potentially even transformative – forces. As such, the group aims to understand how digital objects, methods and perspectives influence and overlap with other structures and practices within wider research paradigms and within society in general. Recognising the digital as an actor, a tool, a mediator and/or an outcome, we aim to develop innovations in the way that we understand, shape, create and study digital objects and processes.

Contact: Chris Birchall or Heather Ford

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