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Cultural Production and Media Policy

Cover of David Hesmondhalgh's The Cultural Industries

David Hesmondhalgh’s key text, The Cultural Industries.

The Cultural Production and Media Policy Research Group is concerned with the changing relations between culture, media, society, economics and politics in the modern world. As its name suggests, it focuses in particular on questions of production, policy and regulation.

A large number of staff and PhD students in the School of Media and Communication research these issues. Particular interests include cultural work, copyright, public service broadcasting, and the social and cultural value of symbol making in modern societies.

The research group provides a forum in which researchers at Leeds Рincluding postgraduates Рcan share and develop ideas. It works closely with the Media Industries Research Centre  which has organised a large number of conferences over recent years.

Researchers in the group include investigators on the AHRC-funded Cultural Policy Under New Labour project, and the ESRC-funded Communicating Copyright (see the Featured Research Projects).

For more information about the group and its activities, please contact Kate Oakley or Christiaan De Beukelaer.

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