Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

School of Media and Communication


Kamilla Nyegaard-Larsen

MA Media Industries

“I completed my first undergraduate degree in media, art and philosophy at the University of Oslo in 2010, before going to London and City University London to complete my journalism undergraduate in the summer of 2013.

I have always believed higher education gives you an edge in today’s tight job market. As I felt my undergraduate degrees narrowed down my potential work field I decided to apply to do a Master’s degree as well. My first and only option was Leeds – I wanted to be among profiled thinkers and researchers – so I worked very hard during my final year in London to ensure I got the grades to get in. Completing an MA is also a personal goal of mine, and it gives me both confidence and pleasure to know that I can tell employers and other people that I have a Master’s degree from the University of Leeds.

I really like that we are encouraged to ask questions and make comments about what we are learning. The media industry is a field that constantly changes making it extra important to discuss what we are doing as individuals. Most of the time I feel like I’m studying myself, my own habits and my own mind whilst doing the weekly readings which makes me more motivated and even more interested in working hard and keeping up with the changes.

Leeds is a great city. There are a lot of things on offer, especially culturally, like musicals, museums, markets and so much more. Finding out that Leeds is home to Europe’s largest indoor market hall has been my favourite thing about the city. Kirkgate market has such an amazing atmosphere and so much history under one roof I visit it every week to get whatever I need.

The School has modern and user friendly learning spaces and plenty of break-out space. MA students even have their own study/break-out room where we all come together to do some work and have a chat. I like that our building is full of history but at the same time up to scratch when it comes to facilities. The University has a fantastic Students’ Union building with everything you could possibly need within it!

The University has a brand new and modern gym for students to work out in. There are also groups and societies for pretty much every interest anyone could ever have – from Quidditch to baking! In addition to this there are many sports clubs for students to join. I myself am a member of the Scandinavian society, the university handball club and I regularly attend talks and research seminars hosted by either the university or the institute.

I would definitely recommend doing your MA in Media Industries. As well as getting a thorough overview of the industries you get detailed explanations and interesting debates expanding your knowledge on the field and helping you achieve the best results you can.

I’d highly recommend the University of Leeds and the School of Media and Communication to anyone looking into doing a Masters degree. It is a fun, creative and highly respected institute and is arguably the best place to be to ensure a career within the communication or media industries.”

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