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The MPhil is for candidates who have appropriate qualifications to undertake research (normally a good first degree and some research experience) but who cannot or do not wish to undertake the three years of full-time study required for the PhD.

How you study

The MPhil requires two years full-time study and the submission of a thesis of up to 60,000 words investigating a subject approved by the University. The subject must have substantial significance, originality and scope appropriate to the period of two years study required. This is not a ‘taught’ degree, and so does not involve coursework, but you will follow a programme of research training, and be expected to participate in the intellectual life of the department through research seminars, conferences and other events.

How to apply

Submit your university application online.

The heart of your application will be your research proposal. This should be a document of around 2,500 words and should normally include the following:

1. A clear statement of the proposed research topic.
2. An explanation and rationale of the importance of the proposed topic. This may include a section on the gaps or limitations of any existing work in your proposed area.
3. A section indicating possible methodology and why this methodology might be the most appropriate for your topic.
4. An approximate timetable showing a realistic plan for the completion of your research and writing within two years.

Before you submit an application, you should consider how your proposed research fits with the research interests of staff at the School of Media and Communication. You do not need to identify potential supervisors before you apply, but it is important that you get a clear idea of the kind of research we do. In applying to the School to study for your MPhil, you will be asked to explain why you particularly wish to study here.





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