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Dr Stephen Lax

Visiting Research Fellow

B.Sc., D.Phil, Sussex


With a background in Physics – my PhD explored aspects of optical communications – I developed an interest in the social role of communication technology and the ways in which technologies are understood and discussed. After teaching Electronic Engineering for a few years I joined the University of Leeds as a lecturer in Communication Technology, concerned with the wider role of technology in communications.

I am a member of the Executive Committee of MeCCSA, the UK’s Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Assocation and have served as chair of its Radio Studies Network.

I am on the editorial board of two journals, the Journal of Radio and Audio Media and the International Journal of Digital Television.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the role of emerging communications technologies and the relationships between technology and society, including the role of media and technology policy. Over recent years I have studied the emergence of digital broadcasting, including new radio technologies, and worked with colleagues in the Digital Radio Cultures in Europe research group.






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Journal articles

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