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Stephen Hay

Lecturer in Film Production

0113 343 5819

Clothworkers Building North, 2.10

Office hours: Monday - Wednesday, 9.00am - 11.00am

BA (Leeds), MA (NSFTV)


I arrived at the Institute in 1995, soon to be involved in the momentous transition from analogue to digital video production at ICS. My teaching stems from a combination of my own personal experience in commercial video production and directing short drama and documentary film, and ongoing contact with full-time professionals in film production, many of whom are ex-ICS students, and screen actors.

Research Interests

My research interests have included French auteur film director Bertrand Tavernier;  Subtitling, dubbing and international cinema; acting performance and cinema production; DSLR video, independent film and the ‘cinematic’.


I currently teach on the following modules:

  • COMM5800 Final Independent Project
  • COMM5815 Cinematics and Photography;
  • COMM3880 Cinema Project;
  • COMM3214 Placement
  • COMM1625 Camera and Editing.


Educational Engagement Officer; Technical Resources Committee – Chair.



  • Hay SJ (2000) Bertrand Tavernier: The Film-Maker of Lyon. I. B. Tauris/St Martin's Press.

Journal articles

  • Hay SJ (1997) “'Love not Fear': The Scottish National Party Broadcasts, 1997”, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. 17.4

Professional Practice

Current projects include:  SENSATIONAL – documentary on The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (In development)



JOE STRUMMER SLEPT HERE – “Of all the bars and whisky joints in Glasgow, Joe Strummer and his band of leather-clad buskers stroll into mine.” A personal account of the final performing days of THE CLASH in Glasgow on the 1985 busking tour. Online Interactive Documentary 2015.

Megan Parks ‘LUCY’  –  Short film made with ICS students and professional actors, documenting the experience of working with with a young girl with the neurological disorder Rett Syndrome on a film drama Prelude:Words To Music, a HEIF funded project, co-produced by ICS and Endgame Pictures. Megan Parks ‘LUCY’ was disseminated to Rett Syndrome conferences and networks. May be of additional interest to those working in disability/arts disciplines.

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