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Runze Ding

PhD Researcher and Teaching Assistant

Clothworkers' Building North, Room 1.07

MA (with Distinction) in Communications Studies, BA in Broadcast Journalism, BEng in Clothing Design and Engineering

Having gained his Master’s degree at the School of Media and Communication in 2014, Runze Ding is now doing his PhD studies on digital media and sexual identities in China. His supervisors are Dr Helen Thornham and Dr Lee Edwards (LSE).


Runze Ding is a third year PhD researcher in the School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds. He just completed nine months ethnographic fieldwork for his project which looks at gay identity and digital media in China. He worked for a local gay organization in Guangzhou for five months and also spent four months in Beijing where he attended various activities and events engaging with different LGBT organizations and individuals. Before he came to the University of Leeds where he gained a Master’s degree (with distinction) in Communications Studies in 2014, he obtained the degrees of Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from China.


Research Interests

  • Identity and digital media
  • Digital cultures
  • Digital media in everyday life
  • Ethnography for the Internet
  • Audience studies
  • Media representation


His general research interest concerns the role of (digital) media in everyday life, with particular focus on the relationship between digital media and the construction/formation of a certain identity. He is seeking to identify any ways in which these factors might influence the experiences of sexual minorities.




COMM3250 Feminism, Identity and Media

COMM3260 Understanding the Audience

COMM1210 The History of Communication

Research Centres & Groups

Visual and Digital Cultures

Professional Practice

Ding,R. 2018. Jiyou Shengyuguang Ji Daiyun Diaocha Baogao [A report on Chinese gay males’ view of childbearing and surrogacy]. Gay Spot34, p.73-87. Available from: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NDQzNTM0MQ==&mid=2654191997&idx=1&sn=58eab2b32d1d0c8d0000a1000a46be5f&chksm=bd40b91f8a373009fd62bdfeceb082d5af5e037a4e34e39b063ead744ee2d8f305dbcc11207a&mpshare=1&scene=1&srcid=0307lUhYkrhYZjryL42UoUHe&pass_ticket=auOyUKqLwnUpIfBAWHiD3HLiDvyTxBh1PfMdZiKeAZizQ3AfZaOk4x4ECmp4IYaF#rd



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