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Dr Paul Taylor

Senior Lecturer, Communications Theory

0113 343 5818

Clothworkers' Building North, 2.19

Office hours: Sem 1 Thursdays 1-3pm

MA (Edinb) PhD (Edinb)

Research Interests

My research interests focus upon critical theories of mass media culture – in particular, the works of Theodor Adorno, Siegfried Kracauer, and Jean Baudrillard; psychoanalytically-influenced media/film theory – including Friederich Kittler and Slavoj Zizek; and philosophically-informed perspectives upon the media – particularly the work of Martin Heidegger.


Undergraduate Modules:

Media Philosophy: Technological Dasein (3rd Year Option)

Cinematic Themes (2nd Year Core Module)

Film Theory and Aesthetics (3rd Year Option)

MA Teaching:

Radical Journalism (with Dr Chris Paterson)



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Internet Publications

  • Taylor PA (2007) Why Zizek? Why Now?. Hosted by Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds.

External Appointments

I am the General Editor of the International Journal of Zizek Studies and Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies , Fast Capitalism and the International Journal of Badiou Studies.


I am External Examiner for the MA in Mass Communications at the University of Leicester and the External Examiner for the Undergraduate Communications Programme of Keele University.

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

I currently supervise:


Heidi Herzogenrath-Amelung

John MacWillie
Stuart Shaw

Carly O’Neill

Past Supervisions

Jesse Hearns-Branaman

Azeez Lukuman

Ting Wang

Jan Ll. Harris

David Kreps

Paul Aitken
Imanol Galfarsoro


Professional Practice

I have appeared regularly on various BBC Radio and World Service programmes as a commentator on a range of media and cultural issues. See for example: Woman’s Hour.


ONLINE VIDEOS relating to my research include:

Screening Thought, The Media’s Philosophical Problem – with Slavoj Zizek, London May 2011.

Zizek’s Violence – a lecture given as part of Bradley Evans’s Histories of Violence project.

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