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Michael Schofield

PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant

Clothworkers' Building North, Room 1.07

Mick Schofield is currently conducting practice-led research into rephotography, investigating what it can tell us about the hauntology, materiality and ontology of the photographic image. He works as a teaching assistant in the school and as a photographer and visual artist under the pseudonym Michael C Coldwell.



Mick is a PhD student at the University of Leeds on a full scholarship from the School of Media and Communication. Supervised by Simon Popple and Dr. Jim Brogden he is currently undertaking practice-led research into the temporal and spectral nature of rephotography, which he started in October 2015.

His problem concerns the changing ontology of the photographic image in the digital era, with regard to notions of materiality, realism and mediation, and photography’s role in how we perceive the passage of time. Through investigative practice his research aims to reveal the ‘hauntology’ of the photographic image, resurrecting and re-evaluating theories by Jacques Derrida and Walter Benjamin, and applying them to photography’s shifting landscape of technologies and practices. The methodology for this study is grounded in both Mick’s own creative practice as an artist and landscape photographer, and re-presentation of photographic material from the archive.

Currently his work is focussed on the Godfrey Bingley Photographic Archive held by Special Collections at the University Library. This project will attempt to rephotograph the lost landscapes depicted in Bingley’s murky gelatin dry plates and crumbling cellulose nitrate negatives, currently being rescued by the library’s Digitisation team. These explorations aim to uncover the role the materiality of the image itself plays in our resurrections and re-imaginings of the past.

As well as his work as an artist and media researcher, Mick has previously worked in the department as a demonstrator, working on undergraduate module Creative Practice COMM2800, running practical workshops for students of photography and documentary film. He is also currently working in the school as a Teaching Assistant, conducting small group teaching and assessment on several different undergraduate modules (see below).

Before joining the school, Mick was conducting Arts Council-funded research into video archiving technologies for the performing arts. As an artist and musician he creates work under a variety of aliases including Michael C Coldwell, Conflux Coldwell and as part of Leeds’ Urban Exploration collective.

Research Interests

Photography theory – ontology – and the photographic image in digital culture
Rephotography, landscape and street photography – exploring and representing space and place
The digital archive
Hauntology, Derrida and deconstruction
The philosophy of time and temporal representation
Film theory, critical theory and psychoanalysis
The history of experimental film and cinema
Film production / filmmaking in the digital era
Digital materialism and technologies of the image
Sound installation and experimental music
Psychogeography and urban exploration
Practice as research methodology


Guest lecturer on MA module COMM5800 Final Independent Project – “Creative Practice as Research”. Guest lecturer on MA module COMM5801 Urban Narratives – “The Secret Playground: Improvisation and Liminal Urban Space” and “Rephotography and the Changing City”. Guest lecturer and field trip on BA module COMM1850 Photographic Histories – “The Archive in the Field: The Impossible Photograph”.

I have conducted small group teaching and assessment on the following undergraduate modules:

COMM2125 Visual Communication
COMM2850 Cinematic Themes
COMM3120 Film Theory and Aesthetics

And assessment work on MA module:
COMM5801 Urban Narratives

Prior to becoming a PGR I taught on undergraduate module COMM2800 Creative Practice.

PhD Thesis

A Trace of Aura: The Hauntology of the Rephotographic Image

Professional Practice

Conference Papers / Presentations:

12 April 2018: Mediated City 4 “Deconstructed Rephotography”, Moving Images – Static Spaces, AMPS conference at Altinbaş University, Istanbul, Turkey.

2 June 2017: Troubling Time: An Exploration of Temporality in the Arts “Aura and the ‘hauntology’ of photography”, University of Manchester, UK.

Exhibitions, Performances and Screenings:

10 & 24 May 2018: Lunchtime Talks Changing Leeds and the Mysterious Photography of Godfrey Bingley Presentation of my work at Leeds Town Hall and Treasures of the Brotherton, University of Leeds, UK. Role: Artist and lecturer

6 October 2017: Light Night  “(Re)Sounding the City” Multi-media artists and improvised music performance, Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, University of Leeds, UK. Role: Commissioned as filmmaker for the project

22 September 2017: Residuum Debut solo exhibition – photography, video pieces and performance of new sound work. Left Bank Centre, Leeds, UK. Role: Artist / Curator

2-5 Nov 2016: Abandoned Yorkshire Photography Exhibition Selected images from “The Disappearing City”, Left Bank Centre, Leeds, UK. Role: Contributing Artist / Photographer

2 Sept 2014: Contested Cities Film Festival Screening of short film entitled “Preludes”, Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK. Role: Filmmaker

7-10 Aug 2014: Beacons Music & Arts Festival Screening of short film entitled “Alternating Current”, shown as part of an Arts Council sponsored video art project “Lumen, Beaconstruction & The Space Between”, Beacons Festival 2014, Skipton, UK

3 June 2012: Ragged Kingdom Closing Party AV performance on the last night of Jamie Reid’s exhibition, Temple Works, Leeds, UK. Role: Performer / Curator




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