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Dr Giles Moss

Associate Professor in Media and Communication; Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

0113 343 5826

Clothworkers' Building North, 2.35

Office hours: Thursdays 2-3pm, Fridays 2-3pm (please email for an appointment during non-teaching weeks)

MA (Sussex), MSc, D.Phil (Oxford)

Research Interests

My research falls into two broad areas: mediated political communication and media policy. In both areas, I’m interested in the relationship between media and politics, focusing either on the media’s role in politics or how politics shapes media. Common themes in much of my work is the democratic implications of media and the role of public deliberation and engagement in politics and policymaking. My research interests include:

  • Digital media, democracy, and citizenship
  • Media and normative political theory
  • Media and communications policy
  • Public engagement and deliberation in media policymaking and governance


I’m the module leader for COMM3910 Communication Dissertation. I also contribute to COMM1920 Introduction to Communications Theory, COMM2910 Communication Research Methods, and supervise dissertations at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.



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Research Projects & Grants

AHRC AH/K000179/1 Improving Deliberation, Improving Copyright?, with Lee Edwards (PI) (November 2016)

EPSRC EP/L003112/1 Visualising the UK General Election 2015 TV Debates, with Stephen Coleman (PI) (November 2013-October 2016)

EPSRC Digital Economy Communities and Cultures Network+, Digital Data Analysis, Public Engagement and the Social Life of Methods with Dr Helen Kennedy (PI) (Feb 2013- July 2013)

ESRC RES 062-23-3027: Communicating Copyright: An Exploration of Copyright Discourses in the Digital Age with Dr Lee Edwards, Dr Bethany Klein (PI), and Dr David Lee (June 2011-December 2012).

Research Centres & Groups

I’m co-chair (with Dr Katy Parry) of the Political Communications research group. 

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

I’m currently supervising the following doctoral students:

  • Nely Konstantinova
  • Ke Wang
  • Thomas Wellings

I welcome enquiries from prospective doctoral students in the areas of my research interests.

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