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Dr Matthias Revers

Lecturer in Media and Communication

0113 343 3618

Clothworkers' Building North, Room 1.13

Office hours: Tuesday 4-5pm, Wednesday 11am-12pm

BA, MA (University of Graz), PhD (State University of New York-Albany)


Matthias Revers is a Lecturer of Media and Communicationat the University of Leeds. Before coming to Leeds in January 2018, he was a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Sociology at the University of Frankfurt. His research focuses on political communication and journalism. His recent book Contemporary Journalism in the US and Germany (Palgrave US) is a comparative ethnographic study of political reporters in the two countries. He has published articles on journalistic professionalism, how journalists perform it, how it is affected by technological change, how Twitter in particular influenced spatial and temporal aspects of news making, on the adoption of technologies, and on the history of media sociology. His doctoral studies focused on cultural sociology and social theory and he graduated at the State University of New York in Albany (SUNY-Albany) with a PhD in sociology in 2014.

Research Interests

His current research agenda is titled “The Rupturing Seems of Civil Society.” It encompasses several research projects on political polarization in contemporary democracies, including on the moral boundaries of speech (free speech/hate speech); the establishment, use, enforcement, breach, and battle against inclusive language (and “political correctness”); the mediated experience of political antagonism; and right-wing populist journalism. This research involves hermeneutic and computational methods of text analysis, survey experiments, and qualitative field research.

Areas of interest

  • Political polarization
  • Free speech, speech norms
  • Populist journalism
  • Media professions and professionalism
  • Sociology of news
  • Theory (of culture, media, and democracy)
  • History of sociology


Matthias currently leads COMM5540M The Reporting of Politics.

He contributes guest lectures to the following modules:

  • COMM5655M Journalism Practice and Policy
  • COMM1970 Introduction to Media and Communication Theory



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Journal articles

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Research Centres & Groups

Political communication, journalism





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