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Professor Bethany Klein

Head of School; Professor of Media and Communication

0113 343 6979

Clothworkers' Building North, 1.23

Office hours: Email PA to Head of School Rachael Brown for an appointment: mediahead@leeds.ac.uk

BA (Bryn Mawr), MA (Penn), PhD (Penn)

Research Interests

My research interests include commercialism and the media, popular music culture, and media policy and regulation. As Heard on TV: Popular Music in Advertising (Ashgate) looks at music in television commercials and engages with a number of issues which have a continuing presence in my work, including the relationship between industrial and cultural change and the role of commercial imperatives and corporate power in popular culture. Understanding Copyright (SAGE), co-authored with Giles Moss and Lee Edwards, considers why disagreement about copyright’s role and scope is rife and how the policymaking process might accommodate a wider range of views, through an examination of the competing perspectives offered by users, cultural producers, industry representatives, intermediaries and policymakers. I am currently collaborating with Leslie Meier and Devon Powers on a project about popular music, cultural autonomy and ‘selling out’.


I have delivered modules on researching media and communication, visual communication, promotional culture, popular culture and communication, media production, and media and cultural theory.




  • Klein B, Moss G, Edwards L (2015) Understanding Copyright: Intellectual Property in the Digital Age. SAGE.

  • Klein B (2009) As Heard on TV: Popular Music in Advertising. Ashgate.

Journal articles

  • Klein B, Meier LM, Powers D (2015) “Selling Out: Musicians, Autonomy, and Compromise in the Digital Age”, Popular Music and Society.
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  • Edwards L, Klein B, Lee D, Moss G, Philip F (2015) “Discourse, Justification, and Critique: Towards a Legitimate Digital Copyright Regime?”, International Journal of Cultural Policy. 60-77. 21.1: 60-77.
    DOI: 10.1080/10286632.2013.874421, Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/89899/

  • Edwards L, Klein B, Lee D, Moss GS, Philip F (2015) “Isn’t It Just a Way to Protect Walt Disney’s Rights?’: Media User Perspectives on Copyright”, New Media & Society. 17.5: 691-707.
    DOI: 10.1177/1461444813511402

  • Edwards L, Klein B, Lee D, Moss GS, Philip F (2013) “Framing the Consumer: Copyright Regulation and the Public”, Convergence: the journal of research into new media technologies. 19.1: 9-24.
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/76877/

  • Klein B (2013) “Entertainment-Education for the Media-Saturated: Audience Perspectives on Social Issues in Entertainment Programming”, European Journal of Cultural Studies. 16.1: 43-57.
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  • Klein B (2005) “Dancing About Architecture: Popular Music Criticism and the Negotiation of Authority”, Popular Communication. 3.1: 1-20.


  • Edwards L, Klein B, Lee D, Moss G, Philip F (2014) “Communicating Copyright: Discourse and Disagreement in the Digital Age”, In: David M; Halbert D (eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Intellectual Property. London: SAGE.

  • Klein B (2011) “In Perfect Harmony: Popular Music and Cola Advertising”, In: McQuinn J (eds.) Popular Music and Multimedia. Ashgate Publishing. 225-244

  • Klein B (2010) “An Episode a Day: The Instructional Value of Health-related Reality Programming”, In: Baruh L; Park JH (eds.) Reel politics. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 182-197

Research Projects & Grants

Principal Investigator, ESRC RES 062-23-3027: Communicating Copyright: An Exploration of Copyright Discourses in the Digital Age (with Dr Lee Edwards, Dr David Lee, Dr Giles Moss), 2011-12, £152,337

Principal Investigator, ESRC RES 000-22-3202: Social Issues in Primetime Television: Production Processes and Audience Responses, 2009-10, £69,254

Co-Investigator, AHRC AH/F006721/1: Listener Online Engagement with BBC Radio Programming, 2007-8, £90,000

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision


Divya Maharajh (‘Feminine Experience: Media Studies and Gender Representation’, 2013)

Currently supervising:

Carolyn Brown (‘Meeting the Superhumans: Media Coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games’)

Jennifer Carlberg (‘Popular Music and Post-Secular Thought: What Do the Relations between Popular Music and Religious Thought Tell Us about Sacred Forms in the Modern World?’)

Jon Marshall (‘Politics and Musical Aesthetics in the New Russia: Protest Songs, Improvisation and Noise’)

Andreas Rauh Ortega (‘Change and Continuity: Music in the Digital Era’)

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