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Professor Bethany Klein

Professor of Media and Communication

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Clothworkers' Building North

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BA (Bryn Mawr), MA (Penn), PhD (Penn)

Research Interests

My research interests include commercialism and the media, popular music culture, and media policy and regulation. As Heard on TV: Popular Music in Advertising (2009) looks at the use of music in television commercials as an example of the relationship between industrial and cultural change, and the role of commercial imperatives and corporate power in popular culture. Understanding Copyright (2015), co-authored with Giles Moss and Lee Edwards, considers why disagreement about copyright’s role and scope is rife and how the policymaking process might accommodate a wider range of views. I am currently working on a book about popular music and ‘selling out’.



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Journal articles

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Research Projects & Grants

Principal Investigator, ESRC RES 062-23-3027: Communicating Copyright: An Exploration of Copyright Discourses in the Digital Age (with Dr Lee Edwards, Dr David Lee, Dr Giles Moss), 2011-12, £152,337

Principal Investigator, ESRC RES 000-22-3202: Social Issues in Primetime Television: Production Processes and Audience Responses, 2009-10, £69,254

Co-Investigator, AHRC AH/F006721/1: Listener Online Engagement with BBC Radio Programming, 2007-8, £90,000

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision


Divya Maharajh (‘Feminine Experience: Media Studies and Gender Representation’, 2013)

Andreas Rauh Ortega (‘”Under the Radar” Electronic Dance Musicians: Opportunities and Challenges with Digital Communication Technologies’, 2018)

Carolyn Jackson-Brown (‘Meeting the Superhumans: Channel Four, Disability and the 2012 Paralympic Games’, 2018)

Currently supervising:

Jennifer Carlberg (‘Popular Music and Post-Secular Thought: What Do the Relations between Popular Music and Religious Thought Tell Us about Sacred Forms in the Modern World?’)

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