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Engagement: Public Diplomacy in a Globalized World from FCO

Engagement: Public Diplomacy in a Globalized World. Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom, 2008.

In this online collection of essays, commissioned by Jim Murphy MP (FCO Minister for Europe), scholars and practitioners discuss "the relevance, importance -- and potential -- of public diplomacy in a world subject to the forces of globalization." Includes the following:

Jim Murphy (FCO), "Engagement"

Nicholas J. Cull (University of Southern California), "Public Diplomacy: Seven Lessons For Its Future From Its Past"

Simon Anholt (Editor, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy), "The Importance of National Reputation"

Alex Evans (New York University) and David Steven (Riverpath Associates), "Towards a Theory of Influence for Twenty-First Century Foreign Policy: Public Diplomacy in a Globalized World"

Brian Hocking (Loughborough University), "Reconfiguring Public Diplomacy: From Competition to Collaboration"

Martin Davidson (CEO, British Council), "Cultural Relations: Building Networks to Face Twenty-First Century Challenges"

Marieke de Mooij (Independent Consultant), "Cross-Cultural Communication in a Globalizing World"

Conrad Bird (Deputy Director, Government Communication, Cabinet Office, UK), "Strategic Communication and Behavior Change: Lessons from Domestic Policy"

Evan H. Potter (University of Ottawa), "Web 2.0 and the New Public Diplomacy: Impact and Opportunities"

Daryl Copeland (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada), "No Dangling Conversation: Portrait of the Public Diplomat"

Lucian Hudson (FCO) and Alan Anstead (FCO), "How Government, Business and Non-Governmental Organizations Can Work Together to Address Global Challenges"

Louise Vintner (FCO) and David Knox (British Council), "Measuring the Impact of Public Diplomacy: Can It Be Done?"

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