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US Advisory Commission on PD Annual Report 2004

2004 Report of the Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
Transmittal Letter

SEPTEMBER 28, 2004

To the President, Congress, Secretary of State and the American People:

The United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, authorized pursuant to Public Law 106-113, submits its annual report on U.S. government international communications efforts.

The U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy is a bipartisan presidentially appointed panel created by Congress in 1948 with responsibility for assessing public diplomacy policies and programs of the U.S. State Department, American missions abroad and other agencies. Advisory Commission responsibilities extend to international exchanges, U.S. government international information programs, U.S. government international broadcasting and publicly funded nongovernmental organizations.

Our 2004 report examines recommendations made by the Commission in recent years and assesses implementation of those recommendations by the relevant agencies. We believe communications with foreign populations is a crucial component of our foreign policy in these critical times. This document includes leadership models and suggestions on private initiatives that promote dialogue and could have a cumulative long-term effect on foreign attitudes and understanding directed at the United States.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara M. Barrett, Chairman (Arizona)

Maria Sophia Aguirre (Washington, DC)

Tré Evers (Florida)

Penne Korth Peacock (Washington, DC)

Elizabeth F. Bagley (Washington, DC)

Harold C. Pachios (Maine)

Jay T. Snyder (New York)

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