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2007 Stategy for PD and Strategic Communications


Strategy for Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication. This strategy is designed to provide a unified strategic framework for U.S. government communications, yet be flexible and adaptable to meet the different needs and responsibilities of very diverse government agencies. The plan was developed by the inter-agency PCC on strategic communications and is the result of extensive input from different agencies, as well as major recommendations from more than 30 reports on public diplomacy, GAO reports, IG recommendations and consultations with private sector communications professionals. The plan is deliberately short so it will be read and used, rather than placed on a shelf. Attachments provide detailed examples of how to put the strategies into action, as called for by GAO and IG reports. We intend for the strategy to provide a comprehensive blueprint that brings all of our resources to bear on representing America as a whole, by highlighting the activities and programs all embassies and U.S. Government agencies are undertaking. Toward that objective, we have asked each U.S. government agency and embassy to develop specific action plans, as detailed on page 9, to help us implement the strategy.

Karen P. Hughes
Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
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