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US PD - Time to Get Back in the Game - Lugar Report to CFR

U.S. Public DIplomacy -- Time to Get Back in the Game, Report from Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), Ranking Member, to Members of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, February 13, 2009. This report urges greater direct U.S. engagement with "average citizens overseas who have virtually no contact with Americans" through a program to re-establish "stand-alone" American Centers in secure facilities outside U.S. embassy compounds that would use English teaching to offset operating costs. The report argues that Information Resource Centers within embassies are "ill suited to encouraging the casual visitor;" that re-creation of USIA "is not realistic;" that the U.S. commitment to cultural centers should be comparable to that of Britain, France, Germany, and Iran; and that "increased accessibility need not come at the cost of security." The report was written by Paul Foldi, a member of the Committee's minority staff, and is based on his travel to Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic in December 2008.

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