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12 October 2006
Foreign Ministry goes global

The Foreign Ministry wants Denmark's agenda to be more visible in its new globalisation strategy

Taking diplomacy to the streets of the global village is part of the Foreign Ministry's ambitious globalisation strategy.

More embassies with more contact to the local populations form the central features of the plan that springs out of a comprehensive analysis of global challenges Denmark faces in the next decades.

Danish diplomats will be better educated to take a more active 'public diplomacy' role and language skills, especially Arabic and Chinese, will also be improved.

The minister of foreign affairs, Per Stig Møller, and the minister of development co-operation, Ulla Tørnæs, were scheduled to unveil the strategy at a press conference on Thursday.

To improve Denmark's reputation in hotspots around the world, the ministry announced a project to open five new embassies. The ministry also slated the opening of a commerce centre in Qatar.

Funds for the project will come from the Arabic Initiative which was established in 2003. An additional DKK 25 million (EUR 3.3 million) will be allocated annually, bringing the total budget to DKK 125 million per year (EUR 16.6 million).

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