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Phil Taylor's papers

TALIBAN & AL QAIDA PROPAGANDA (including the 'bin Laden Tapes' & AQ statements) with analysis
1 HMG's case against bin Laden for 9/11
2 US Grand Jury Indictment against bin Laden (1998)
3 The Guardian's Timeline of the tapes
4 7 October 2001
5 10 October 2001
6 14 October 2001
7 3 November 2001
8 November 2001 (published December which many claimed was faked)
9 26 December 2001
10 12 November 2002
11 24 November 2002 (Letter to America)
12 11 February 2003
13 January 2004
14 16 April 2004
15 Abdulaziz al-Muqrin's statement, 28 April 2004
16 Osama's Vietnam Syndrome (Jan 06 tape) by G Friedman
17 On Tape, Bin Laden Warns of Long War (April 06) by C Whitlock
18 The Bin Laden tape (July 06) - further notes by Mark Lynch
19 Transcript of Osama Bin Laden Tape September 2007
20 Bush Threatened in Al-Qaida Video (2008)
21 The AQ-Media Nexus by RFE/RL
22 Bush Urges Media to Avoid Running bin Laden Speeches by Ken Fireman
23 Rhetoric to Arouse the Islamic World by J Borger
24 AQ - Statements and Evolving Ideology by C M Blanchard
25 al Qaeda targeting guidance (2004)
26 Mishandling suicide terrorism by Scott Atran
27 Propaganda videos
28 The Arab 'street' and the Middle East's democracy deficit by D F Eickelman
29 The foreign 'martyrs' of Iraq, 2003-04
30 The New Bolsheviks: Understanding Al Qaeda by Frederick W. Kagan
31 Al-Qaeda's Media Strategies by Marc Lynch
32 Cameraman Sheds Light on al - Qaida Videos from AP
33 Lights, camera, terror: the al-Qaida propaganda campaign by K Gannon
34 Al Qaeda Increasingly Reliant on Media by H M Fattah
35 AQ Training Manual from US Department of Justice
36 How Al Qaeda views a long Iraq war by Dan Murphy
37 Al Qaeda 2006 by Carol Huang
38 Communication and Media Strategy in the Jihadi War of Ideas by Corman et al
39 In their own words: reading the Iraqi insurgency by ICG
40 Prof Paul Wilkinson on AQ to HoC
41 Al-Qaeda TV, Via the Web by Stephen Ulph
42 The Man Who Put Al-Qaeda on the Web by Barry Levine
43 Al Qaeda TV by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross & Nick Grace
44 High Tech Terror: AQ's use of new technology by J M Brachman
45 AQ and the internationalization of suicide terrorism by Y Schweitzer & S G Ferber
46 AQ: the many faces of an Islamic Extremist Threat - HoC
47 AQ's advice to Mujahadeen in Afghanistan by B Venzke & A Ibrahim
48 Cameraman reveals secrets of al-Qa'eda propaganda war by I Wilkinson
49 The origins of AQ ideology by C Henzel
50 The Management of Savagery by Abu Bakr Naji
51 Al Qaeda Strikes Back by B Riedel
52 The Intelligence Services' Struggle Against AQ Propaganda by J Jordan et al
53 Letter to Zarqawi from Mudville Gazette
54 Anbar Rising from Mudville Gazette
55 al Qaeda's "Working Paper for a Media Invasion of America" from Mudville Gazette
56 How modern terrorism uses the internet by G Weimann
57 Doran testimony, 2007
58 Bush Administration Only Understands Its Own Propaganda - blog
59 Bin Laden's new image: younger, more Marxist by F A Gerges
60 A 'war of ideas' by Mike Walker
61 How Osama bin Laden Escaped death 4 times after 9/11 by Hamid Mir
62 Bin Laden's Image Declining Among Muslims, Hughes Says
63 Al Qaeda in 2008: The Struggle for Relevance by Fred Burton and Scott Stewart
64 Al Qaeda in Iraq video
65 Al-Qaida releases 'Holocaust of the Americans' (2007, Afghanistan)
66 The Heathrow Plot Trial: Retrospection and Implications by F Burton & S Stewart
67 Progress in Selling Al-Qaeda As an Enemy to the Muslim World by W Pincus
68 Tangled Roots: Social and Psychological Factors in the Genesis of Terrorism By Jeffrey Ivan Victorof
69 Moroccan Arrests and the Security of Militant Recruiters by F Burton & S Stewart
70 Surfing on Jihad
71 The Spectacle of War: Insurgent Video Propaganda by A Exum
72 Taliban Propaganda: Winning the War of Words? ICG report
73 The Taliban's propaganda activities by Tim Foxley
74 Violent Islamist Extremism and the Internet - Report
75 Finding Weakness in Jihadist Propaganda by T R King
76 The AQ Media Machine by Philip Seib
77 Muslim public opinion and AQ propaganda by Stephen Campbell
78 Pashto TV channel remains in limbo by Ashfaq Yusufzai
79 AQ captured, killed & still at large
80 Al Qaeda's paramilitary 'Shadow Army' by B Roggio
81 Al Qaeda is the tip of the jihadist spear by T Joscelyn & B Roggio
82 Taliban Propaganda Watch

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