School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

The Balkans conflicts of the 1990s
1 UN Crisis Management in Bosnia by Timothy Thomas
2 Civil Affairs & MOOTW: 4 Balkan Sketches
3 IO and Task Force Eagle from Centre for Lessons Learned
4 Examining Peace-Oriented Media in areas of violent conflict by V Bratic
5 War in the Balkans 1991-2002 by R Craig Nation
6 Opportunity Lost: Public Affairs, Information Operations & the Air War vs. Serbia by Gary Pounder
7 Milosevic's Propaganda War by Judith Armatta
8 Target Bosnia: Integrating I0 in Peace Support Operations by P Combelle Siegal
9 The Age of the New Persuaders by Timothy L Thomas
10 Information Operations in Bosnia by Kenneth Allard
11 David Bailey's website (with resources)
12 Assessement of USAID Media Assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina 1996-2002
13 Information Wars in the Balkans since 1991 by K Panic & E Pleho
14 Lessons from Kosovo by Larry Wentz
15 Information Activities by Pascale Combelles Siegel
16 Superman and mine awareness by UNICEF
17 PSYOP C2W Information Operations in Bosnia by Major Arthur Tulak
18 Tactical PSYOP Support to Task Force Eagle by Mark R. Jacobson
19 PSYOPS in Bosnia by T K Adams
20 Army PSYOP in Bosnia by Steve Collins
21 Humanitarian agencies, the media and the war against Bosnia by Gregory Kent
22 Media Transitions in Bosnia: From Propagandistic Past to Uncertain Future by M Taylor and M Kent
23 Too many Truths by Geoffrey Goodman
24 The role of the media in Bosnia by M O'Kane
25 The Role of the Western Media in the Macedonian Conflict by Carl K. Savich
26 PSO, Mass Media and the Public in Former Yugoslavia by M Malesic*
27 Media wars by D Deluce
28 Macedonia: the conflict and the media Ed by A crighton
29 Was Bosnia Worth It? by By Richard Holbrooke

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