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Phil Taylor's papers

War, Film & History
1 Military films
2 Translating War: The Combat Film Genre and Saving Private Ryan by J Basinger
3 The Thin Red Line: Not Enough History by K Jackson
4 Portraits of Mars (impact of war movies on soldiers) by M Bayles
5 Hollywood's Good War (WW2) by Nicholas Cull
6 The 1941 Senate Investigation into Hollywood by J E Moser
7 Mass Politics on the Western Front by Steve Badsey
8 Strategic Pedagogy and Pedagogic Strategy by James Gow
9 Representations of War on the Western Front, 1914-18 by Jay Winter
10 Propaganda for Democracy: Love on the Dole by Caroline Devine
11 Anglo-American Anti-fascist Film Propaganda in a Time of Neutrality: The Great Dictator, 1940 by Rob
12 Hollywood Movie: Terrorism 101 by E Auge
13 Mr Capra goes to Washington by M P Rogin & K Moran
14 Representing History from Film Education
15 Culture, power, and Mission to Moscow: Film and Soviet-American relations during WW II by T Bennet
16 U.S. blocked Huston's war films by Doug Moe
17 Operation Hollywood by Jeff Fleischer
18 Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Villifies a People by J G Shaheen
19 1950s War Films by Robert Murphy
20 The Cold War and the movies by Dan Leab
21 The Cold War According to CNN by L Gardner
22 The Nightmare On Film: Nuclear War by E Lindh
23 WWII on film website
24 History in Film website

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