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PROPAGANDA - General (theory, practice and history)
1 The strategy of Soviet propaganda by H D Lasswell
2 The Art of War: Propaganda in WWII from the National Archives, UK
3 Ronald Reagan's Public Diplomacy expansion
4 History of Public Relations by Don Bates
5 Propaganda from free-definition org
6 Propaganda, Violence and Manipulative Perasuasion by Paul Blackstock
7 A CIA propaganda apparatus aimed at the American people by C Binion
8 25 Bizarre Propaganda Posters
9 PR & Propaganda: Restrictions on Executive Agency Activities (CRS Report to Congress)
10 What is propaganda, and what exactly is wrong with it by D Walton
11 Goebbels on Propaganda
12 Art and Propaganda by Philip Yancey
13 The Frontiers of Art and Propaganda by George Orwell (1941)
14 Early 1960s documents relating to the US Information Agency
15 The Responsibility of States for International Propaganda by V Van Dyke (1940)
16 The Evolution of Strategic Influence* by Susan Gough
17 The War of Ideas on Ideas During the First Half of the Twentieth Century by L Finch
18 The Theory of Political Propaganda by Harold Lasswell (1927)
19 Modern Diplomacy and British Public Opinion by H Nicolson (1935)
20 Propaganda in International Affairs (1938) by Arthur Willert
21 Government News Management by Barbara Pfetsch
22 Power of Propaganda by David Welch
23 The Fine Art of Propaganda
24 What is Propaganda?
25 UN Resolution 110 (1947)
26 UN Convention on the International Right of Correction (1962)
27 Historical Patterns of US Overseas Propaganda, 1917-2007 by John Brown
28 Propaganda from the World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia
29 Black Boomerang by Sefton Delmer
30 Video - Animated Soviet Propaganda
31 Authorship and Origins of the Seven Propaganda Devices: A Research Note by J Michael Sproule
32 Is [US] Government Propaganda Legal? Well . . . by K R Kosar
33 A Tutorial in Propaganda (film from late 40s/early 50s)
34 The Amerixan Way of Propaganda: Lessons from the Founding Fathers by J Michael Waller
35 Judith Miller, the NYT and the Propaganda Model by O Boyd Barrett
36 Definitions of Strategic Political Communication by A G Romarheim
37 Two Ways of Looking at Propaganda by John Brown
38 Paradox and Propaganda after the Invasion of Iraq by B A Patrick and A Trevor Thrall
39 National Image Building and Chinese Foreign Policy by H Wang
40 Your Job in Germany (propaganda film, 1945)
41 Vichy Propaganda by John Fletcher
42 Propaganda Films
43 Soviet Active Measures in the Post Cold War Era 1988-91 by T Leventhal
44 Strategies of Information Management during the 2003 Iraq war by D Kumar
45 The Smith-Mundt Act's Ban on Domestic Propaganda by E L Carter & A W Palmer
46 Nazism's Anti-Semitic Propaganda During WW2 & the Holocaust by J Herf
47 Propaganda and the Free Society by R Block (1948)
48 Media Wars (News as Propaganda) from Al Jazeera (video)
49 Rumour, Propaganda and 'Parade's End' (WW1) by T Tate
50 American propaganda in WW1 from Yesterday's Papers blog
51 England v Germany 1938: Football as Propaganda by Peter Beck
52 10 Propaganda Techniques on YouTube
53 Propaganda Quotations compiled by Laird Wilcox
54 Manipulating Public Opinion: the why and the how by E Bernays
55 Propaganda in a Democratic Society by A Huxley
56 The Development Of War Propaganda by David Miller
57 The Rise of the Brand State By Peter van Ham
58 Government News Management by B Pfetsch
59 Moral Agency in a Propaganda System by M Nelson
60 Music as War Propaganda (WW1) by K A Wells
61 Truth and Propaganda from the Imperial War Museum
62 Nazi Propaganda Guidelines (1942)
63 The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda by Noam Chomsky
64 Propaganda System Number One by E S Herman
65 The propaganda model revisited by Edward S Herman
66 Chomsky and the Manufacture of Consent for American Foreign Policy by K Lang & G E Lang
67 Reply to the above by Chomsky & Herman
68 Response to the above by the Langs
69 Further Reply to the Langs by Chomsky & Herman
70 And finally by the Langs
71 Top Gun versus Sergeant Bilko? by Duncan Campbell
72 The Politics of Spin (Australia) by M Grattan
73 Nazi leaflets directed at Holland (WW2)
74 Goebbels' principles of propaganda by L Doob
75 Nazi Propaganda by David Welch
76 Hitler on War Propaganda from Mein Kampf
77 Germany at War (propaganda film)
78 The Eternal Jew (Nazi propaganda film)
79 Propaganda as Vision: Triumph of the Will by Ken Kelman
80 The British People, the Press and the Strategic Air Campaign against Germany, 1939-45 by M Connelly
81 Triumph of the Will (on You Tube)
82 Nazi Propaganda & the construction of a People's Community by David Welch
83 Gray and Black radio propaganda to Nazi Germany by Robert Rowen
84 Some World War Two PSYOP leaflets
85 Bertrand Russell as cold war propagandist by A G Bone
86 Declassified Korean War PSYWAR documents
87 The Terminology of Terror: Malaya 1948-62 by Phillip Deery
88 British anti-communist propaganda and cooperation with the US, 1950-51 by A Defty
89 Early Cold War US propaganda in the Middle East documents
90 The Media, Propaganda and the Peace process in Ireland by D Miller
91 Propaganda for Peace by K Spicer
92 'You too can be like us:' selling the Marshall Plan by David Ellwood
93 Government Propaganda and the War on Iraq by Alan Simpson MP and Dr. Glen Rangwala
94 A Grad Student Mimicked Saddam Over the Airwaves by I Urbana
95 Anti-American Propaganda in Middle East - Report to Congress 2002
96 Apparatus of Lies: Saddam's Disinformation and Propaganda, 1990-2003 by the OGC
97 The war for Truth by John Pilger
98 Promoting Fear - America and Today's Propaganda by S Ligetfalvy
99 The use of Propaganda in the Rwanda Genocide by H L Gulseth
100 Bush's mock news stories revive familiar technique (Infoganda) by G Nunberg
101 Propaganda Tactics and 'Farenheit 9/11' by Kelton Rhodes
102 Facts, Myths & Propaganda in the debate over Depleted Uranium Weapons by Dan Fahey
103 Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
104 Links to other propaganda sites

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