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Phil Taylor's papers

Some Taylor publications and media output
1 Psychological Operations in the 1990s by Philip M Taylor
2 The case for preserving our communications heritage (1996) article by Philip M Taylor
3 Public Diplomacy for the 21st Century
4 Television: force multiplier or town crier in the global village? by Prof. Taylor
5 Preface (in English) to the 2004 Greek edition of Global Comms, International Affs & the Media etc
6 The I-Bomb: an early documentary about Information Warfare in which Prof Taylor appeared.
7 Credibility: Can't win hearts and minds without it. An op-ed piece for The Washington Post 2003
8 Mind Games: a brief history of information warfare by Prof Taylor (2010)
9 Comparison of Gulf Wars of 1991 and 2003 - a piece commissioned from Prof Taylor for Ch 4's website
10 Battles of the Mind: an article by Prof. Taylor in Al-Ahram just before the 2003 Iraq conflict
11 Cultural Imperialism? by Prof Taylor for British Council
12 An introduction to PSYOP by Prof. Taylor
13 The FO and British Propaganda in the First World War by Prof Taylor
14 Guardian article (2010) on Army Combat Camera Team in which Prof Taylor quoted
15 Global leaders "walk the talk"
16 Managing Terrorism After 9/11: the War On Terror, the Media and the Imagined Threat by C Archetti &
17 See Prof Taylor interviewed on Dutch TV about the Amiriya bombing, 1991
18 Strategic Communications in the post 9/11 world by Prof Taylor
19 Propaganda and Information Operations by Prof Taylor
20 The revival of the propaganda state: US propaganda at home and abroad since 9/11 by N Snow & P M Tay
21 If War should come (preparations for propaganda in WW2)
22 British Government and radio propaganda during Munich crisis (with N Pronay)
23 Techniques of Persuasion (WW2)
24 Towards a new magic bullet? by Prof Taylor
25 Prof Taylor on PSYOPS in The New Scientist
26 Prof Taylor quoted on dissent during Iraq war
27 Reporting War or Just Covering It - a Media Soc. event at the IWM in which Prof. Taylor participated
28 The Media, PSYOPS and PI - an address by Prof Taylor to SHAPE (Supreme HQ Allied Powers Europe)
29 The Green Berets by Philip M Taylor
30 News and the Grand Narrative by Prof Taylor
31 On the question of truth in wartime by P Cass (reviews of 2 Taylor books)
32 Listen (briefly) to Prof. Taylor's lecture at the Selling Democracy Conference
33 Blair ducks fallout as Bush takes flak - Prof Taylor on Abu Ghraib photos
34 Image and reality by Prof Taylor (on Abu Ghraib) in Al Ahram
35 Phil get's around :)
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