School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 Why is Egypt airing insurgent TV from Iraq? by S Gauch
2 Edelman: U.S. Should Focus Less on Politics, Talk More To Bloggers, to Improve Global Image from PDW
3 Winning Hearts and Stomachs by Sebastian Mallaby
4 View of US's global role 'worse' from the BBC
5 Can the U.S. Rebuild Its Image? from Parade
6 The Good Old Days Of Selling Democracy by Philip Kennicott
7 The revolution will be televised by Rod Dreher
8 The Build-a-War Workshop - NYT Editorial
9 The new Pentagon papers (on OSP) by Karen Kwiatkowski
10 The mistakes we continue to make by Michael Spiros
11 Britney vs. The Terrorists by Robert R. Reilly
12 Just don't mention the war on terrorism by Joseph S. Nye Jr
13 Blair to set up 'propaganda unit' to combat AQ propaganda
14 Public Diplomacy, TV-Style by Martha Bayles
15 Another U.S. Military Assault on Media by Dahr Jamail and Ali al-Fadhily
16 Has the American narrative authored its own undoing? by Michael Vlahos
17 Blog comments on the above
18 Why our enemies -- and friends -- hate us by Niall Ferguson
19 A propaganda victory for the Taliban from CNS
20 Now on YouTube: Iraqi insurgent propaganda by Haviv Rettig
21 Al Qaeda's weapon of mass influence by Jim Saxton
22 The role of the media in the transAtlantic relationship by Der Spiegel
23 Declassified report on Iraq-AQ links before 2003 war
24 Arab Public Opinion Experts Say Image Tied to Policy
25 2007 GAO Report on Public Diplomacy
26 Don't be fooled by Propaganda by Charly Reese
27 Blair: West could lose al-Qa'ida propaganda war by A Grice
28 U.S. losing battle for Muslim hearts and minds by P Dine
29 US says it killed key figure in Al Qaeda propaganda by E Sanders and T Susman
30 A Strategy for Defending America - Third Way report
31 2007 Strategy for PD and Strategic Communications
32 The War of Images and Ideas: how Iraqi insurgents use the media worldwide from RFE/RL
33 Foreign ministration by N Kralev
34 Iranian TV in English
35 Latest (2007) GAO Report on Public Diplomacy
36 UK Defence Communications Strategy (2007)
37 US suffers decline in power and prestige, survey reveals by S Fidler
38 Strategic Communication by R Halloran
39 Propaganda: Can a Word Decide a War? by D Murphy & J F White
40 Strategic Communication: A Tool for Asymmetric Warfare by Emily Goldman
41 Karen Hughes and Her 'Diplomacy of Deeds' by John Brown
42 The droning of strategic communication and public diplomacy by R D Deutch
43 On Wars...and Wars of Ideas by James V. Schall
44 America Should Hire al-Qaeda's PR Agent by M Armstrong
45 The Missing Component of US Strategic Communication by W M Darley
46 John Rendon on Strategic Communications (video)

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