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Phil Taylor's papers

Public Opinion
1 American Public Opinion & Military Adventures Abroad by J Mueller
2 The War for Public Opinion by Tamara Straus
3 Foreign Media Reaction from the US State Department
4 15 Propositions about US Foreign Policy & Public Opinion by J Mueller
5 American Public Attitudes to Foreign Affairs by M Bostrom
6 Public's News Habits Little Change by 9/11 from the Pew Centre
7 We Are All Americans by Jean-Marie Colombani (9/12)
8 When the Going Gets Rough: Does the Public Support the Use of Military Force? by P Everts
9 Cultivating National Will by L E Key
10 How Public Opinion Constrains the Use of Force (Somalia) by M Baum
11 Public Opinion and British Foreign Policy by K Younger
12 What Is the Proper Role of Public Opinion in the Decision to Use Military by J A Viola
13 The Spread of Anti-Americanism: Pew Centre
14 How Westerners and Muslims view each other from Pew
15 US Public Opinion and the use of military force, 1981-2001 by R C Eichenberg
16 Counting the Public In: Presidents, Public Opinion & Foreign Policy by D C Foyle
17 Public Opinion and the war with Iraq
18 Media Preferences and perceptions amonst UAE Youth by Keith Urbahn
19 Lippmann Revisited by J H Peterson
20 Public Opinion & Support for US Presidents' Foreign Policies by J Meernick and M Ault
21 TV, Public Opinion & the war in Iraq: the case of Britain by Justin Lewis
22 Public diplomacy by the numbers
23 You Gov survey on the Propaganda war 2003
24 TV, Public Opion & the war in Iraq: Britain by J Lewis
25 Most Think Truth Was Stretched to Justify Iraq War by R Morin & D Milbank
26 Highlights from AP-Ipsos polls in eight countries in North America and Europe
27 While ambivalent about war, most Iraqis report better life - ABC Poll, March 2004
28 Views of a Changing World 2003: Pew Centre Report
29 Mistrust of America higher than ever - 2005 Pew Report
30 A Global Generation Gap - Pew Center report, February 2004
31 Correlates of Public Support for Terrorism by Ethan Bueno de Mesquita
32 Roper Centre for Public Opinion Research website
33 Marist Institute for Public Opinion website
34 American Association for Public Opinion Research website
35 Public Agenda online website
36 Polling Report dot com
37 EC Public Opinion Research
38 Gallup Organisation
39 Institute for Public Opinion Research
40 Pew Research Centre website
41 Institute for Research in Social Science Public Opinion Questionaire Database

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