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Phil Taylor's papers

PROPAGANDA AND THE GWOT Year 3 - 2004 (mainly Iraq)
1 The Rhetoric of Terrorism by Paul Wolf
2 Privatising US public diplomacy by Peter G. Peterson
3 Writers Guild of America dicussion on why US is hated
4 Media, Education and Anti-Americanism in the Muslim World by M Gentzkow & J Shapiro
5 Entering the Mind of an Adversary (bin Laden) by Y H Abul Enein
6 When Hard Power Undermines Soft Power by J Nye
7 Waging Online Propaganda Warfare by Gene J. Koprowski
8 U.S. Journalist Quits Pentagon Iraqi Media Project Calling it U.S. Propaganda: Int. with Don North
9 Hooters "Let Freedom Wing" Tour A Hit with Combat Troops in Afghanistan
10 The 'war' on Terror: a PR Challenge for the Pentagon by P Eric Louw
11 War in Iraq: Selling the Threat by L Freedman
12 Rebranding Bush as man of peace from The Guardian
13 Bounding the Global War on Terrorism by Jeffrey Record
14 The Media War on Terrorism by Philip Hammond
15 To Spread Democracy, Bush Needs World's Hearts and Minds by A E Moreno
16 Strategic Influence Operations - The Information Connection by Brad M Ward*
17 The impact of American Entertainment on the world - Discussion
18 The Conflict in Iraq - HoC Research Paper
19 War with Iraq by K Kaysen et al
20 Public relations and propaganda in framing the Iraq war: a preliminary review by Ray Eldon Hiebert
21 Understanding the defensive strategy of Saddam Hussein by Ibrahim al-Marashi
22 Bush seeks $40m more for Mideast democracy by B Bender
23 UK Attorney General's advice on UN Resolution 1441
24 WMD in Iraq: Carnegie Report
25 Power and Persuasion (Albright) by Laura Secor
26 A Tougher War for the U.S. Is One of Legitimacy by Robert Kagan
27 Power, Propaganda and Conscience in the War on Terror by John Pilger
28 New song blames U.S. for 9-11 from
29 Pro-terrorism pop stars sell hate in Muslim neighborhoods by Jospeh Farah
30 The Issue is Policy, Not Diplomacy by Siraj Islam Mufti
31 America needs to listen to sentiment abroad by Ted Pincus
32 US needs to match the Chinese in (public) diplomacy by Earl Carr
33 In the Arab Spin Room by Walid Phares
34 The ranch, the garage and democratising the Middle East by Rhami G Kouri
35 Iraqis' Hearts and Minds by Erich Marquardt
36 The 'Hearts and Minds' Game by Raymond Perry
37 Saving the BBC's Credibility - BJR Editorial
38 Hutton Enquiry Report
39 The Mirror Has Two Faces by M Dowd
40 Powell's Case, a Year Later: Gaps in Picture of Iraq Arms by D Jehl and D E Sanger
41 A Flawed Argument In the Case for War by G Kessler & W Pincus
42 Washington introduces Mideast satellite network by Courtney C. Radsch
43 The 'other Gulf War': the British invasion of Iraq in 1941 by D Porch
44 A change of Arab hearts and minds - interview with F Gerges
45 The Lie Factory (OSP) by R Dreyfuss & J West
46 A Battle for Ears and Minds by David Crawford
47 U.S. Image Abroad Will Take Years to Repair by C Marquis
48 Tutwiler Says U.S. Public Diplomacy Must Engage Youth
49 President Bush Discusses Importance of Democracy in Middle East
50 Iraq: the battle for the media by Anne Alexander
51 There's more to the US image than PR by Ehsan Ahrari
52 Arabic TV network aims to boost America's battered image in the Muslim world from the Straits Times
53 Iraqis don't need more propaganda by Mark Leonard & R Pirouz
54 How Bush Misled the World by Sidney Blumenthal
55 Administration's Message on Iraq Now Strikes Discordant Notes by D E Sanger
56 Talk of "Intelligence Failures" Masks Success of Bush Propaganda Campaign by R Mahajan & R Jensen
57 O say, did you see Janet Jackson? by Richard Reeves et al.
58 US image abroad will 'take years' to repair by Tom Regan
59 Now They Tell Us by Michael Massing
60 Change the channel, Sam by Fahad Bishara
61 U.S. Gov't TV Station Draws Arab Fire by Salah Nasrawi
62 Winning the Arab Street by E Novikov
63 Jihad, MTV-style by Joel Mowbray
64 The use and limits of US intelligence by F J Cillufo et al
65 Alhurra, New Arabic-Language Satellite Network, Begins - Press Release
66 Most Think Truth Was Stretched to Justify Iraq War by R Morin & D Milbank
67 Alhurra Gallops Into Mideast Media Mix by Alex Ben Block
68 Propaganda TV won't help the U.S. by M Bishara
69 Washington's Arabic TV Effort Gets Mixed Reviews by N MacFarquar
70 US-Funded Al-Hurra TV Begins Broadcast by Zeina Karam
71 For Al Jazeera, Balanced Coverage Frequently Leaves No Side Happy by S Habt
72 Disappearing the Dead by Carl Conetta*
73 It's the Policy, Stupid by Hannah Abdullah
74 Hearts and minds are being lost by Alice Thomson
75 Are We Still 'All American'? by J-M Colombani
76 15 March 2004: a win for terror by David Frum
77 David Morey's statement on 'insurgent communications'
78 The Problem Is With Product, Not Packaging by Ramzy Baroud
79 Political Islam's Democratic Face by L Pintak
80 Death in a Wheelchair, Plus, what's cooking on U.S.-financed Al-Hurra by Michael Young
81 Europe must define its own 'war on terror' by Ali Abunimah
82 U.S. Team in Baghdad Fights a Persistent Enemy: Rumors by Thom Shanker
83 Ex-Bush Aide Sets Off Debate as 9/11 Hearing Opens by E Bumiller & J Miller
84 Bush's 9/11 myths endanger U.S. by Marie Cocco
85 Why Do They Hate Us? by Ilya Shapiro
86 How the US could improve its image abroad from People's Daily Online
87 Fog of War Still Hasn't Lifted: Iraq, Propaganda and the Media by A Zerbisias
88 Faux journalism is the White House's new ally by Frank Rich
89 When will the Bush administration realize that US popularity abroad matters? By Joseph S Nye
90 Freedom of Information is ... the Touchstone of all the Freedoms from RFE/RL
91 Why 'Soft Power' Matters in Fighting Terrorism by Joseph S Nye
92 Rumors Thrive in a Nation Shaped by Myth by J Fleishman
93 Rumors are a bombardment that never stops by Tom Squitieri
94 EU, US differ on how to fight terrorism by Tom Regan
95 Anti-American voices get louder across Iraq by Fiona O'Brien
96 Anti-US Propaganda Fuels Insurgency from NPR
97 U.S. losing 'hearts, minds,' despite sensitivity training by Paul Sperry
98 Iraq's new free media may not survive handover of power by Jack Fairweather
99 Iraq Propaganda Office Packed With Bush Operatives by Jim Krane
100 U.S. hopes TV adverts will sell democracy to Iraqis by Fiona O'Brien
101 On Advertising: Selling Iraq on a new government by Heather Simmons
102 Osama's Wet Dream: Losing Hearts & Minds in Iraq and Beyond by L Pintak
103 Sacked WMD adviser: I won't lie (Australia) by L Wright
104 Iraqi Political and Psychological Warfare by A H Cordesman
105 How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet by G Weimann
106 Global Terrorism after the Iraq War from USIP
107 Al Iraqiya offers alternative view by R Scarborough
108 U.S. losing battle against rumors by Colin Freeman
109 Promoter of U.S. Image Quits for Wall St. Job by C Marquis
110 How to Lose Friends and Alienate People by A Glantz
111 The Publicity Stunt Is an Institution as American as, Well, the President by P Carlson
112 Tutwiler's mission impossible by Arnaud de Borchgrave
113 Mideast Media Mess by Stephen Schwartz
114 Not the enemy: The Arab media and American reform by Marc Lynch
115 The U.S. Has Lost the Battle of the Photographs by Juan Cole
116 War Propaganda by Charley Reese
117 Rice Offers Apology on Arab TV - Transcript
118 Abuse 'Makes the U.S. Totally Lose Credibility' by R C Paddock & M K Stack
119 U.S. 'Appalled,' Bush Tells Arabs by M Reynolds & A J Rubin
120 A Vast Conspiracy by Steven Stalinsky
121 Anti-Americanism on the Rise by William Schneider
122 Rumsfeld Accepts Blame and Offers Apology in Abuse by T Shanker & E Schmitt
123 U.S. hobbled by inability to fix its global image by Finlay Lewis
124 US-engineered TV messages won't win Arab hearts and minds by Seth Fein
125 Media, Education and anti-Americanism in the Arab World by M Gentzkow & J M Shapiro
126 On Arab TV, Gaza Strife Dims Trial by Ian Fisher
127 Cultures clash in a symbolic divide by Michael Hill
128 To Win Over Iraqis by Thomas Melia and Brian Katulis
129 The US and the Arab media: a reversal of fortunes by Badran A Badran
130 U.S. Will Revise Data on Terror by Josh Mayer
131 Iraqi Prisoner Crisis: Correcting America's Communications Failure by Stephen Johnson & Helle Dale
132 Killing a Cloud of Mosquitos with a Machine Gun by Micael Saba
133 Reporting for the Enemy by Deborah Orin
134 Beheading a tool for propaganda
135 East counters West on Iraqi TV from ABC
136 Greg Guma on Strategic Influence
137 Gore, polls batter Bush popularity from al Jazeera
138 Cold warriors return for war on terrorism by James Kirchick
139 The 'prop-agenda' war by Miren Gutierezz
140 The Big Lie by Independent Institute
141 Hearts, Minds and Hearings by Steven Cook
142 Americans Unprepared for Psychological Terror by Todd Zwillich
143 Al-Hurra Channel... Washington's Error from Arab News
144 Winning the War: Interview with Karl Zinsmeister
145 How Chalabi Played the Press by D McCollam
146 Today, It's a Question of Whose Story Wins by Joseph S. Nye Jr
147 The War of Ideas by Michael Vlahos
148 The 9/11 Commission Report
149 U.S. Struggles in War of Ideas, Panel Says by Paul Richter
150 TAC interview with 'Anonymous'
151 Can America Regain Its Soft Power After Abu Ghraib? by Joseph Nye
152 Winning War on Terror Requires Turning On the World to America by Seth Cropsey
153 Al-Hurra draws mixed reactions after 7 months on air by Will Rasmussen
154 Don't Blame the Media for Mismanages Perceptions by P Combelles Siegelal
155 'Soft war' goes missing amid 9/11 follow-up by Howard LaFranchi
156 Internet as a Virtual Classroom for Al Qaeda supporter - Reuters link
157 Study Shows Advertising Can Affect Attitudes About America
158 On Advertising: Diplomacy, the wrong job for ads by Eric Pfanner
159 Time Is Not on Sadr's Side by W Thomas Smith Jr.
160 War Words: Who's Writing this Stuff? by By Tom Engelhardt
161 Dangerous Delusions: Advertising Nonsense about Advertising America by Lawrence Pintak
162 Anti-Americanism: A Clinical Study by B Chazelle
163 Conquering Hearts and Minds by Ali H Aslan
164 Islamist Terror Via the American Internet by Lee Kaplan
165 The War on Terror: Who is Winning? by Walid Phares
166 Sen. Carl Levin's 2004 Report into Iraq-AQ 'link'
167 Bush Feeds Off the 'Big Lie' That Iraq a Response to 9-11 by Nicholas F. Benton
168 Terror 'War' Doesn't Meet Definition by Andrew Greeley
169 To Beat Jihadists, Know Thy Enemy by Stan Crock
170 Winning the peace: paradox and propaganda after the war in Iraq by B A Patrick & A Trevor Thrall
171 Creating Our Own Dream Enemy by Tom Engelhardt
172 US panel faults outreach to Muslims by Bryan Bender
173 The Kidnap Weapon by William Saffire
174 From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror by Ariana Eunjung Cha
175 The West's intellectual agents in the Muslim world by Muzaffar Iqbal
176 The Myth of 'Squandered Sympathy' by John Rosenthal
177 Democracy as a Brand: Wooing Hearts, European or Muslim by Roger Cohen
178 Imperialism, Propaganda and the war on Iraq by P Cochrane
179 US Policies Alienating World Muslims: Pentagon from Islam Online
180 Report of the Defence Science Task Force on Strategic Communication*
181 Eroding Respect for America now seen as a major problem - Pew Centre report 2004
182 Picturing America's 'War on Terror' in Afghanistan & Iraq by M Griffin
183 Pentagon Weighs Use of Deception in a Broad Arena by T Shanker and E Schmitt
184 Message Control by Shane Harris
185 The Developing Iraqi Insurgency: status end 2004 by A H Cordersman
186 Iraq - the military campaign by Sir Tim Garden
187 Media Manipulation by Col Dan Smith
188 Tempers flare amid 'black propaganda' debate by Andrew Buncombe
189 Information Wars: Are the Iraqis Getting the Message? by Bill Putnam

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