School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

War and Representations of War in the Media
1 Cold Wars: Black Soldiers in Liberal Hollywood by K Kinney
2 Imagine the Terror by M Semati
3 Media Influence on Attitudes to Foreign Countries by Paul R Brewer et al
4 Grading TV's War News (Iraq 2003) from Media Research Centre
5 Propaganda Tool: The Hollywood War Movie and its Usurpation by TV by B Osborne & R Eiserman
6 The Military in the Movies - transcript of a programme from America's Defence Monitor
7 TV, Vietnam and Tet 1968 by D Culbert
8 The Vietnam War: Perceptions through literature, film & TV by Peter Rollins
9 Black Hawk Down creates a new and dangerous myth of American nationhood by G Monbiot
10 The Spectacular War by C Wisniewski
11 The Representation of Evil in Roberto Benigni's 'Life Is Beautiful' by C Celli
12 Flag-Draped Memories: The strange history of war-death imagery by Charles Paul Freund
13 Public Diplomovies: Hollywood Goes to War by Alvin Snyder
14 With America at war, Hollywood follows by CG Soriano & A Oldenburg

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