School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 The War Inside the Arab Newsroom by S M Shapiro
2 Homefront Confidential: How the War on Terror affects access to information from RCFP
3 Jihad Online: Islamic Terrorists and the Internet by Anti-Defamation League
4 Transition to and from hostilities by the DSB (chapter on strategic communications)
5 A typology of self-censorship in the 'war on terror' by G Mitchell
6 The Man Who Sold the War (Rendon) by James Bamford
7 Rumors in Iraq: A Guide to Winning Hearts and Minds by S Kelley
8 How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet from USIP
9 The media war on Terrorism by Philip Hammond
10 U.S. hopes to win Muslims' hearts (Tsunami) by Anna Badkhen
11 After Leveling City, U.S. Tries to Build Trust by Tony Perry
12 Aligning the Interagency process for the GWOT by B B Tussing and K H Butts
13 The Forever War by John Arquilla
14 The Pentagon TV Channel
15 Military channel reports for duty (Pentagon Channel one year on) by R Dotinga
16 Influence Management: a tool for the war on terrorism by S M Mateer
17 Global Media and Public Affairs Communications in the war on terrorism by M M Tasista
18 The Coming Wars by Seymour Hersh
19 America fights for Iraqi hearts with TV onslaught by T Allen-Mills
20 America's soft power suffering as it loses the propaganda war by Joseph Nye
21 Tall Order, Tough Questions by Nancy Snow
22 Groups Use Internet to Scare Iraqi Voters from AP
23 The New Hard-Soft Power by James Traub
24 Money, Media & the Mess in America by Robert Parry
25 Pentagon probes military-sponsored Web sites from Baltimore Sun
26 Bin Laden and his special effects by Brian Michael Jenkins
27 The Propaganda President by Jack Shafer
28 'Uncovered: the war on Iraq' (transcript)
29 US takes a new tack by M K Bhadrakumar
30 Selling America by Joseph S Nye
31 Public Diplomovies: Hollywood Goes to War by Alvin Snyder
32 Arab Superheroes Leap Pyramids in a Single Bound by D Williams
33 Iraq Wages Propaganda War with TV Interrogations
34 America Needs a Voice Abroad by PD experts
35 Iraqi TV Airs Tape of Purported Confession from AP
36 China issues human rights record of the United States
37 U.S. May Aid Iran Activists by Sonni Efron and Mark Mazzetti
38 Is U.S. Ministry of Propaganda Next? by Mike Berry
39 Bush seeks propaganda sweepstakes by R Landauer
40 Disguised Propaganda
41 Life in the Spin Cycle by Michael Kinsley
42 Arabs Respond to Policy, Not PR by Stan Crock
43 Opinion of U.S. on the rise by Helle Dale
44 Bin Laden fatwa as Spain remembers from
45 Is 'Brand America' Going to Be an Endangered Species in World Markets? by Gail Dutton
46 U.S. must get its story across to Arab world by Lee H Hamilton
47 Re-branding America by Clay Risen
48 White House briefing on Karen Hughes' appointment
49 Propaganda War Gets a New General by William Hughes
50 Dear GAO: OGC Is DOA by Al Kamen
51 Truth Is, Bush's Propaganda Hurts the U.S. by A Martinez
52 Can Karen Hughes help US image abroad? by Linda Feldmann
53 Karen Hughes fights back by M. Zuhdi Jasser
54 The Propaganda Czar from Paris + Texas by Nancy Snow
55 Bush turns to Hughes to improve diplomacy by Julie Hirschfeld Davis
56 Karen Hughes: Bush's Spinner to the World by David Corn
57 Will Karen Hughes observe the 'Ted Turner' rule? by Alvin Snyder
58 Job No. 1: U.S. image makeover by Cam Simpson
59 Federal Propaganda Prohibition Act of 2005
60 Stop Government Propaganda Act of 2005
61 'Purely Informational' Propaganda by Molly Ivins
62 Memo to: Karen P. Hughes by Robert Satloff
63 An open letter to Karen Hughes by Georgie Anne Geyer
64 Why are just America's Cultural Institutes out of style? by PHK
65 Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Metaphor! by John Brown
66 Fight for minds uses a TV show as battleground by Thanassis Cambanis
67 New Leadership, New Hope for Public Diplomacy by Stephen Johnson and Helle Dale
68 Online Newhour on Karen Hughes
69 What brand is your parachute? by Philips Maddocks
70 Strategic Influence & the war against terrorism from Rand
71 American Media Everywhere by 'Baghdad Burning'
72 Egyptian woman to 'improve' US image in Arab world
73 Studying Islam, Strengthening The Nation by Peter Berkowitz and Michael McFaul
74 Office of Global Communications 'no longer exists' - report from IPS
75 USPD - GAO Report (April 2005) on lack of interagency co-ordination
76 Blighting the message by Arnaud de Borchgrave
77 Tapping Karen Hughes by Bill Berkowitz
78 Houston, We Have An Image William Fisher
79 US Invokes Cold-war Tactics Against Islam: Report
80 In Iraq, a Tug of War Over the Truth by Robert F Worth
81 Hearts, Minds, and Dollars by David E Kaplan
82 Washington Finally Gets It on Radical Islam by Daniel Pipes (on the above)
83 Attorny General's advice on UN Resolution 1441
84 Who is the best communicator of all - Al Jazeera or Al Hurrah? by J N Fakhreddine
85 Global anti-Americanism is spreading by William Fisher
86 Paying a deadly price for U.S. global hubris by Roger Cohen
87 No. 3 figure in Al Qaeda is captured in Pakistan by Salman Masood
88 Heavy fighting in the southeastern Afghanistan from AP
89 The VOA is being drowned out by a mix of pop-flavored propaganda by Corey Pein
90 'Muslim World Outreach' another US recipe for disaster by Linda S. Heard
91 The secret Downing Street memo from Times Online
92 Bush and Blair Deny 'Fixed' Iraq Reports (on above) by Elizabeth Bumiller
93 After Downing Street by William R Pitt (on above)
94 'Propaganda' bill nixed in House by Peter Urban
95 Proof Bush Fixed The Facts by Ray McGovern (on above)
96 Conyers Looks for News in the Wrong Place by Sylvester Brown Jr (on below)
97 Official: US Intensifying Effort to Dispel Negative Image Among Arabs by L H Fincher
98 Bush's War on the Press by Eric Alterman
99 Pollster Says Arab Views of US Affected More by Policy than Culture by G Klakus
100 Kabul's must-see TV heats up culture war in Afghanistan by Ben Arnoldy
101 Taliban radio back on the air by Amin Tarzi
102 US media and Iran's nuclear threat by Kaveh Afrasiabi
103 Religious School Enrollment in Pakistan: A Look at the Data by T Andrabi et al
104 Better Communications Efforts Can Significantly Improve America's Image from CFR
105 Anti-U.S. anger spreading in Islamic states by B Knowlton
106 Newsweek and the Age of Deadly Propaganda by Noel Shepherd
107 Newsweek meets 21st century war by Austin Bay
108 Guantánamo Comes to Define U.S. to Muslims by S Sengupta & S Masood
109 The 'Scoop' Heard 'Round the World. Sadly. by Chris Hanson
110 Taking Care of the Koran by Peter Edidin
111 The US's [propaganda] gift to al-Qaeda by Pepe Escobar
112 Al Hurrah is 'Cheaper than an Invasion' by Georg Mascolo & Bernhard Zand
113 The Arab Satellite Channels and Their Political Impact After the Iraq War by H Sharabi
114 The Ostrich Approach by Dan Froomkin
115 Condy Rice Interview With Juan Williams of National Public Radio, May 2005
116 Image-makers attempt to hide war's brutal truth by Cynthia Tucker
117 Contracts Aim to Improve Foreign Opinion of United States by Renae Merle
118 Military Says No Lies by J W Crawley
119 'What is...Brand Britain?' by James Harkin
120 Plan B on terror by Christopher Brown
121 Why Few Graphic Images from Iraq Make it to U.S. Papers by B Bedway
122 Defending The Neocon War by John Brown
123 Panel OKs Karen Hughes for State Dept by AP
124 Think Again, Karen Hughes by Anne Appelbaum
125 U.S. Officials Retool Slogan for Terror War by E Schmitt & T Shanker
126 Say G-WOT?'s time to change the slogan (on above) by Fred Kaplan
127 Officials See Risk in the Release of Images of Iraq by J Preston
128 Anything but the Truth: The Art of Managing Perceptions by Greg Guma
129 Bush Confidante Begins Task of Repairing America's Image Abroad by S R Weisman
130 Karen Hughes' first despatch to US Embassies abroad
131 Believe it or not by Arnaud de Borchgrave
132 Offensive Charm by Carl G Estabrook
133 A Softer Way to Preempt Hostile Attacks by Michael Schrage
134 Beacon Interview with Dan Kuehl
135 Forum: America's tattered global image by J W Moeller
136 Their Hearts and Minds? by David Rieff
137 New plan aims to improve U.S. image by Nicholas Kralev
138 Our Enemy's Face by Richard Holbrooke
139 Will Domestic Crisis Affect Foreign Policy? by By Andrew Tully
140 Hughes Is Varnishing the Nation's Tarnish by Dana Milbank
141 Taking Stock of the Forever War by Mark Danner
142 Humility should be part of Hughes' brief by Rami G. Khouri
143 U.S. Wages War of Words in Iraq from AP
144 U.S. Deploys Slide Show to Press Case Against Iran by Dafna Linzer
145 Pentagon: Everything We Tell You is a Lie, Including This by A Valdez
146 The ideas battle with Islam needs more than spinmeisters by David Ignatius
147 The PR Campaign for Brand America by James Harkin
148 Propaganda Bombards Iraqis on Both Sides by T El-Tablawy
149 Saatchi's Roberts Advised DoD on Rebranding 'War' from Brandweek
150 The PR Campaign for Brand America by James Harkin
151 Arabs See Bush Greater Threat Than Bin Laden from Islam Online
152 U.S. Image in Bad Shape by Glenn Kessler and Robin Wright
153 They Still Don't Like Us by Hooman Majd
154 US begins new pitch to Muslim world by Dan Murphy
155 U.S. Envoy Hughes' Message to Muslims: We Care from Reuters
156 Purported al Qaeda Newscast Debuts on Internet by Daniel Williams
157 On Mideast 'Listening Tour,' the Question Is Who's Hearing by S R Weisman
158 Hughes's makeover mission - Editorial
159 Campaign Methods Put to Test in Tour To Boost U.S. Image by G Kessler
160 What on earth is Karen Hughes doing in the Middle East? by Fred Kaplan
161 Al-Qaeda TV, Via the Web by Stephen Ulph
162 How to Decode Resistance Propaganda by D Baran & M Guidere
163 Al Qaeda Puts Job Ads on Internet from Reuters
164 Electronic Propaganda of the Iraqi Insurgency by Amena Consulting
165 Al-Qaeda's Next Generation: Less Visible and More Lethal by Michael Scheuer
166 Good Evening and Good Luck [Al Qaida TV] by C Buckley
167 Al-Jazeera Finds Its English Voice: David Frost by H Kurtz
168 Pentagon Channel provides PR for military by M Harris
169 Spread messages of freedom against terrorist propaganda by J Hughes
170 US image a tough sell in Mideast by Farah Stockman
171 Every One Knows Where the Terrorists Are, But.. [Terrorist propaganda] by Khawar Mehdi
172 One Step Closer to the Big Enchilada [Washington scandals] by Frank Rich
173 Chief seeks boost in Blue's Intel presence ny N Gaudiano
174 Arab opinions of US: good news and bad news by Tom Regan
175 Al-Hurrah Television and Lessons for U.S. Public Diplomacy by H C Dale
176 Building New Bridges to the World by A Rosenshine
177 State Department sets up rapid response operation by Mark Hand
178 The Man Who Sold the War (John Rendon) by James Bamford
179 Response to above by The Rendon Group
180 CIA knew 'Curveball' was not trustworthy by Tom Regan
181 The fall of Bob Woodward by James Carroll
182 It's propaganda time by Walter Jajko
183 The Propaganda of the Word by Patrick Lang
184 Probe Sought Into Stories Planted in Iraqi Media by Mark Mazzetti
185 Senator, General Defend Iraq Propaganda Plan
186 Military Admits Planting News in Iraq by E Schmitt
187 Media wars: Weapons of choice by Syed Saleem Shahzad
188 The propaganda presidency of George W. Bush by Jacob Weisberg
189 Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive by Jeff Gerth
190 Bloggers, Money Now Weapons in Information War by J Finer and D Struck
191 Recent events reignite debate over value, limits of propaganda by A Pusey
192 The Victory of Spin by Laura Miller

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