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Phil Taylor's papers

1 The struggle for credibility during the Iraq War by Kristina Reigert
2 UK Defence Communications Strategy (2007)
3 Reporters on the Battlefield: Rand Report on the Embedded Press by C Paul & JJ Kim
4 The Military Media Relationship 2005
5 MoD memo (Jan 2004) on Media Operations in Iraq 2003
6 Military and the Media - Weaponising the truth? by J Kucera
7 Public Affairs Operations FM 46-1
8 Public Affairs Guidance on Embedding (USG)
9 JWP 3-45 Media Operations
10 The Green Book (UK)
11 UNESCO handbook on Media Relations
12 DoD Directive on Public Affairs
13 Australian Embedding agreement
14 Assessing Media Influence on US Military Interventions in Somalia & Rwanda by L S Graybill
15 The Modern Media: The Impact on Foreign Policy by S Hulme
16 Foreign Policy Making in the Age of Television by E Gilboa
17 Seeing through the conflict: military-media relations by J B Snyder
18 The Media and Military Intervention: Frames & Beliefs by D Rousseau et al
19 Humanitarian Crises: testing the CNN Effect by G R Olsen et al
20 The Global News Networks and US Policy Making in Defence & Foreign Affairs by E. Gilboa
21 US Wars and the CNN Factor by M Al Allaf
22 The Effects of Real Time Coverage on Military Decision Making by W G Adamson
23 A study of the effects of live TV news coverage during armed conflict by S S McKenna
24 The Military & the Media: comparison of Kosovo and GWOT by Theresa Giorlando
25 Troubled path to Pentagon's access to battlefield by P Combelles-Siegel
26 Winng CNN Wars by Frank Stech
27 Footnotes to the Stech article
28 The role of Public Affairs in the Military-Media Relationship by A B Craig
29 Clarifying the CNN Effect by Steven Livingstone
30 Mass Media by Tina Kracke
31 The Role of Media in International Conflict by Christopher Young
32 The CNN Effect: Strategic Enabler or Operational Risk by Margaret Belknap
33 Media Influence in Government Decision Making by Theresa Bly
34 The Media and UN 'Peacekeeping' since the Gulf War by Stephen Badsey
35 The Impact of the Media on National Security Decision Making by D Johnson
36 A Re-examination of the CNN Effect by Mathew Harmon
37 Partners in Conflict by A Naparstek
38 War and the Media by Prof Taylor
39 Conflict and Conflicting Cultures by Prof Taylor
40 The Army and the Media by Barry Venable
41 Media Impact: why the Army must plan to support the media (1996) by T L Graham
42 America's Team: The Odd Couple by Frank Aukopfer & William Laurence
43 Improving Media Relations by J K Lovejoy
44 The Media, The Military, and Striking the Right Balance by S Taylor
45 The Military Press Today by E Offley
46 War in the Information Age by Thomas Mahnken
47 The Military and the Media by B Harris
48 Military-Media Relations in Recent U.S. Operations by G P Bruner
49 Pentagon & Press: Striking a Balance by Victoria Clarke
50 A Spirit of Mutual Antagonism by S Blackwell
51 Transcript of 'Operation Persuasion' from the ABC
52 The truth, the whole truth or nothing: military-media strategies by R. M. Williams
53 Press Controls in Wartime: the legal, historical and institutional context by S D Cooper
54 The Pen and the Sword by J Kitfield
55 The Media dimension in foreign interventions by M Fachot
56 Unholy Matrimony by N G Fahy
57 The military-media clash and the new principle of war: Media Spin by M D Felman
58 The Media and the Military: a historical and cultural examination by G Hannon
59 The Military and the Media (OSI) by Dexter Ingram
60 Military and the Media - between war and the truth by S Penderovski
61 Clausewitz in an age of Al Jazeera: Rethinking the military-media relationship by Robin Brown
62 The Future Military-Media Relationship by R R Hill Jnr
63 The Military-Media Dynamic by Prof Taylor
64 Military-Media Relations: a study of the evolving relationship during and after the Gulf War (1991)
65 War Policy, Public Support and the Media by Wm. Darley
66 The Pen and the Sword by James Kitfield
67 Military Competitiveness in the Age of Transparancy by Beth Casper
68 The media as an instrument of war by Kenneth Payne
69 The Military-News Media Relationship: Thinking Forward (1993) by C W Ricks
70 When the Military and the Media collide by T R O'Boyle
71 Giving military operations a name is more than a general's dart thrown at a board by D Moore
72 Operating in the Future Battlespace by B Horn
73 The Mass Media: the 10th Principle of War? by Lisa Squire
74 The Army and Embedded Media by T Miracle
75 The military and the media in combat by M F Stinnette
76 The Dangers of Warfare in a Media Age by Roger Howard
77 M-Media Relations: The Future Media Environment and Its Influence on Military Operations by D Goebel
78 'No Bad Stories': The American Military-Media Relationship by Douglas Porch
79 The Military and the Media by Mark Laity
80 Front Lines & Deadlines - Media Studies Journal
81 Are TV stations legitimate targets under International Humanitarian Law? from ASF
82 How to deal with Public Opinion by K Freytag
83 Can a Newspaper Make Peace? by Jonathan Freedland
84 Press Coverage in Somalia by D B Stockwell
85 The Boer War & the Media by Kenneth Morgan
86 A Broadcasting Strategy to win Media Wars by Edward Kaufman
87 History and War Reporting by Robert Fox
88 The Brief, Ineffective Life of the Pentagon's Media Pool by Mark Thompson
89 Lessons of News Management in the Gulf Wars by Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff
90 It's time to take command ... of the media! by D C Ausiello
91 Media Relations and Military Deception by Robert T Ross
92 Manipulating the Media by Steven Badsey
93 The Military's New War of Words by W A Arkin
94 Detecting disinformation by Gregory Sinaisky
95 Repairing the Military's Adversarial Relationship with the press by J Holm
96 The End of Secrecy: Military Competitiveness in the Age of Transparency by B M Caspar
97 The next war - live from the battlefield by Barry Dunsamore
98 IO & Counter propaganda: making a weapon of public affairs by W C Garison
99 Manipulating the Media for Operational Deception by S T Heckman
100 Interview with Oona Muirhead
101 Battling the media by Mark Laity
102 Media-military tension intensifying during war on terrorism by Natalie Cortes
103 Media Coverage of Canadian Forces 1994-2000 by L Miljan & B Cooper
104 Soldiers and Scribblers Revisited: Working with the Media by Richard Halloran
105 What it's like to be a war reporter from ABC
106 Dealing with the media during crises and peacekeeping missions by J Shea
107 Interview with Kate Adie just before 2003 Iraqi war
108 Reporting War by Kate Adie
109 Military operations, the media, and the public's right to know by R S Pritchard
110 What it's like to be an official spokesperson (from ABC)
111 Managing Media: the MoD view by Martin Howard
112 Pentagon embedding agreement
113 Perspectives on Embedded Media (2) by M Pasquarett
114 Inside View (on the embedding system) by Peter Baker
115 Origins of Embedded thinking - from 1998 by B Duckworth
116 Embedded journalists versus "unilateral" reporters by Paul Workman
117 Why Most Embeds won't tell all by Greg Mitchell
118 Perspectives on Embedded Media Ed by M Paquerett
119 Embed or in Bed? by Todd Gitlin
120 Embedded Reporters: What Are Americans Getting? by PEJ
121 In Bed With the Pentagon by Carol Brightman
122 Caught in the War Pool from ABC
123 Journalists embodied realities of Iraq war by Katherine Skiba
124 An examination of embedded reporting during Iraqi Freedom by M J Mooney
125 Media-military tension intensifying during war on terrorism by Natalie Cortes
126 Rumsfeld interview with Marvin Kalb
127 Britain's security services and journalists by David Leigh
128 Embedded Media & the Operational Commander by P Lehman
129 The Embedded Press System in Historical Context by C Paul & J J Kim
130 Dueling defense chiefs fight the war of spin by L Marlantes
131 Victoria Clarke on the Embedded Process
132 Putting the Media in Soldiers Shoes by S B Markisz
133 Leverging the Media: The Embedded Media Programme in Iraqi Freedom by Col Glen T Starnes
134 Dossier on Civilian Victimes of US Bombing of Afghanistan by Marc W Herold
135 The danger to journalists of covering the 'new' war by CPJ
136 The D Notice System webiste
137 D notices by Cal McCrystal
138 Warning: Media Management Now In Effect by Danny Schechter
139 Turning the tanks on the reporters by Philip Knightley
140 History or Bunkum (Iraq 2003) by Philip Knightley
141 What the Jessica Lynch affair was really about by Christopher Hanson
142 Qatar war briefings were 'a waste of time' by Rebecca Allison and Ciar Byrne
143 Will Truth Again Be First Casualty? by Jacqueline Sharkey
144 Is There Some Element in the US Military That Wants to Take Out Journalists? by Robert Fisk
145 Investigative Report on Palestine Hotel Attack by CPJ
146 Iraq: U.S. Military Responses Imperil Journalists by Human Rights Watch
147 The military's media by Robert Jensen
148 The Military-Media Experience in Iraqi Freedom by M Pasquarett
149 The Pentagon is fighting--and winning--the public relations war by R S Pritchard
150 The Press Goes to War by Jeffrey Bliss
151 The Television War (Iraq 2003) by Jacqueline E. Sharkey
152 Media under fire: reporting conflict in Iraq by S Miskin et al
153 Two Murders and a Lie by Reporters without Borders
154 Weapons of Mass Deception by Danny Schecter
155 How the media war was lost in Iraq by James Robie
156 The Real-Time War (Iraq 2003) by T Smith
157 Pentagon and press can both do their jobs by John Hughes
158 TV: A Missed Opportunity (Iraq 2003) by P Friedman
159 Letter to Pentagon accuses US troops of intimidation by M Jurkowitz
160 Hollywood Enlists in the War by Marc Cooper
161 The Hollywoodization of war: the media handling of Iraq by Alan Knight
162 Rumsfeld, Myers Again Criticize War Coverage by Thomas E. Ricks
163 War reporting - It's digital, but dangerous By Kim Campbell
164 Don't mention the dead by G Younge
165 Marines raise a caution flag over Embed system by C Cooper
166 Military Deception: Hiding the Real, Showing the Fake by M Johnson & J Meveraan
167 TV Combat Fatigue on the Rise by Pew Centre
168 The Media in Iraq by Canadian Association of Journalists
169 Military Public Relations in the Americas by Stephen Johnson
170 Press Access to Combatant Operations in the Post Peacekeeping Era by J P Terry
171 An Air Force Policy for the role of Public Affairs by R K Crumm
172 Management and Operation of Armed Forces Radio & TV Service from the DoD
173 Potential Changes in US Civil-Military Relations by M P Ulrich & C Crane
174 Cameraman tells Falluja marines why he broadcast controversial shooting by K Sites
175 Journalists Take Flak in Iraq by Laura Rozen
176 US military 'brutalised' journalists by Luke Harding
177 DoD 'Plowing New Ground' in Military Commissions, Media Coverage by K T Rhem
178 The convergence of military and media discourse by James R Compton
179 The Fire Next Time: Fighting the Next War by Jane Hall
180 Alistair Berkley Memorial Lecture by Nik Gowing
181 Aiming to Stop the Story? by Nik Gowing
182 Pentagon Channel targets troops by Guy Taylor
183 Media Training Now Required for Iraq-Bound Soldiers by Joe Strupp
184 Prescient insurgency experts want tactical changes by S J Hedges
185 How military could improve Iraq coverage by E. Thomas McClanahan
186 How to Pitch the Military When a War Drags On? by Timothy L O'Brien
187 Rumsfeld says he will look into detention, shootings of journalists by Tom Regan
188 Journalist committee says US military stalled investigations of deaths by F Stockman
189 We must be "slower to condemn, quicker to understand" the Forces - John Reid
190 Military Prepares Profiles on Reporters Visiting War Zones by A S Tyson
191 Media Society Event 2003
192 IWM's Media and War pages
193 links about Iraq war 2003
194 Links to relevant articles and websites

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