School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 National Centre by SC by S Brownback
2 Whither Strategic Communication? by C. Paul
3 Strategic Communication: A Primer (UK Focus) by S Tatham
4 SC Plans to win hearts and minds by T D Daack
5 Blog Discussions
6 Strategizing SC by T Blankley and O Horn
7 US SC Act of 2009
8 Information as Power Blog
9 The Pentagon's brand-new plan for winning the battle of ideas by L Robinson
10 Strategic Communication by R Halloran
11 The Missing Component of US SC by W Darley
12 Towards Strategic Communications (SC) by M K Eder
13 The Democratic Disadvantage in the SC Battlespace by J J F Forest
14 Merging IO and SC by F W Rohm
15 The Droning of SC and PD by R D Deutsch
16 SC: an expanded IO role? by S P Perkins
17 Defining the Information Campaign by G J Beavers
18 A New Military SC System by R F Baldwin
19 Implementation of DoD SC Plan for Afghanistan
20 ISAF Theatre SC Strategy
21 NATO Strategic Communications
22 US National Strategy for PD and SC (2007)
23 DSTF on SC (Powerpoint Presentation)
24 SC in the DoD: A Continuous Process by F Lash
25 DoD to better co-ordinate SC with State by S R Corman
26 USMC SC Plan
27 Strategic Communication in the New Media Sphere by T Cunningham
28 The Pentagon, IO, and International Media Development by Peter Cary

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