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The Bush Doctrine - Key Speeches & Analysis
1 Project for a New American Century website
2 The New New World Order by Ann Appelbaum
3 Rebuilding America's Defences: Sept 2000 report by PNAC
4 The Bush Doctrine and Its Demands by Robert S. Dudney
5 The Bush Doctrine: Origins, Evolution, Alternatives by Mark Gerard Mantho.
6 Authorization for Use of Military Force post 9/11
7 "No Nation Can Be Neutral in This Conflict", November 2001
8 The 'Let's Roll' speech, November 2001
9 State of the Union address, January 2002
10 President Bush's speech at Westpoint, June 2002
11 Rumsfeld to HoR Armed Forces Cttee., September 2002
12 Richard Perle to HoR Armed Forces Cttee., September 2002
13 Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American People, September 2002
14 Remarks by the President in Address to the United Nations General Assembly, September 2002
15 Dick Cheney to Veterans in Nashville, August 2002
16 The National Security Strategy of the US, September 2002
17 President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat, October 2002
18 President Rallies Troops at Fort Hood, January 2003
19 President Bush addresses the nation on the eve of Iraqi Freedom
20 Paul Wolfowitz interview with Vanity Fair, May 2003
21 Wolfowitz's statement to HoR Armed Services Cttee., September 2003
22 VP Cheney at the Baker Institute, October 2003
23 VP Cheney elaborates on 'pre-emption', September 2003
24 Is anyone actually hearing what Bush is saying? (on above) by J Hughes
25 Pres Bush's address to National Endowment for Democracy, November 2003
26 US/UK Declaration on Iraq, November 2003
27 President Bush Discusses Iraq Policy at Whitehall Palace, November 2003
28 Winning the Battle of Ideas: Another Front in the War on Terror by Paul Wolfowitz
29 US Budget for 2004 - Winning the War on Terrorism
30 State of the Union address, January 2004
31 Colin Powell before the House International Relations Committee, February 2004
32 Tom Brokaw's interview with Colin Powell, March 2004
33 Remarks by C Rice, March 2004
34 President Bush's speech at Fort Cambell, March 2004
35 VP Cheney in Fulton, April 2004
36 Bush speech at Army War College, 24 May 2004
37 Cheney at 2004 Joint State Victory Reception
38 Bush backs Cheney on assertion linking Hussein, Al Qaeda by M Kranish & B Bender
39 Bush at Macdill AF Base, 16 June 2004
40 UN Secretary General's speech, September 2004
41 Pres. Bush's first press conference after re-election
42 Transcript of Bush Interview, 14 January 2005
43 State of the Union address 2005
44 Bush says democracy taking hold in Mideast (March 2005)
45 Swearing in of Karen Hughes, September 2005
46 Bush Calls Iraq U.S. Front in Battle Against Terrorism, 25 October 2005
47 Bush's Speech on Iraq and Terrorism, 11 Novmber 2005
48 US National Security Strategy 2006
49 Paul Schroeder on Bush Doctrine
50 9-11 Commission Legislation: Hyde Outlines Proposed Foreign Policy Changes
51 Cheney 'Pushes the Envelope' on Al Qaeda-Iraq Connection by James Gerstenzang
52 The dangerous return of the World Warriors by John Brown
53 The 'Axis of Evil', Infinite War and Bush's attacks on Democracy by D Kellner
54 Reconstructing President Bush's rhetoric on WMD by S J Hartnett & L A Stengrim
55 US Foreign Policy Experts condemn Bush Doctrine
56 Preventive War has Overturned Two Centuries of US Thinking on Global Diplomacy by A Schlesinger
57 The US Doctrine of Pre-emptive Attack: Real Problem, Wrong Answer
58 Preventive War and International Law after Iraq by D E J Currie
59 The Bush Doctrine & Its Consequences by F Heisbourg
60 The Sources of American Legitimacy by Robert W. Tucker and David C. Hendrickson
61 A critical analysis of Bush's New Cuba Policy, May 2004 by R Farley & G Thale
62 President Bush Should Advance a New U.S. Vision for Europe by J C Hulsman & N Gardiner
63 Iraq War Compels Pentagon to Rethink Big-Picture Strategy by M Mazzetti
64 The Bush Doctrine: What the President Said and What It Means by N Podhoretz et al
65 The roots of the Bush Doctrine by J Monten
66 Global Action to Prevent War - the legal elements
67 The Bush Doctrine of Pre-Emption by Senator Edward M. Kennedy
68 Strategy and the Idea of Freedom by D J Feith
69 US Use of Pre-emptive Force by R F Grimmett
70 Deconstructing and decoding official documents by J Cirincione and D Mukhopadhyay
71 America's Age of Empire: The Bush Doctrine by Todd Gitlin
72 The Underpinnings of the Bush Doctrine by Thomas Donnelly
73 The Bush Doctrine & its consequences by F Heisbourg
74 The Bush Doctrine: Selective Engagement in the Middle East by Kenneth W. Stein
75 The Bush Doctrine At Risk by George F. Will
76 The Underpinnings of the Bush Doctrine by Thomas Donnely
77 The Bush Doctrine by J Glazov
78 Prevention or Preemption? towards a clarification of terminology by Volker Kröning
79 The Bush Doctrine Unfolds by Robert Kagan and William Kristol
80 To Lead, the U.S. Must Persuade Others to Follow by Fred Kempe
81 The Bush Doctrine: a work in progress by F Heisbourg
82 The New Bush Doctrine by R Falk
83 The Bush Doctrine and War with Iraq by Jeffrey Record
84 Bush: It's Not Just His Doctrine That's Wrong by Howard Dean
85 Bush doctrine of preemption raises critical questions by David Shribman
86 The Bush Doctrine Goes to the Movies by Jonathan V. Last
87 Realists and Idealists: Interpreting the Bush Doctrine by Geoffrey Kemp
88 Bush Doctrine vs self-determination by Fred Goldstein
89 'Bush Doctrine' Seen As Dramatically Redefining Foreign Policy by Charles Recknagel
90 The Bush Doctrine After Iraq by David H. Bennett
91 Taking look back at the 'axis of evil' by D E Sanger & N MacFarquar
92 Bush act starts to wear thin by H Siddiqui
93 Europe's Problem - and Ours by George Weigel
94 A Decent Regard by Robert Kagan
95 A rejection of the Bush Doctrine (Spanish Elections) by J Witcover
96 Powell aides go public on rift with Bush by G Younge
97 The Perils of Hegemony by Owen Harries*
98 Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards by Graydon Carter
99 Five Big American Blunders in Terror War by William M Arkin
100 George W. Bush Failing in War on Terror: Kerry Election Campaign
101 At U.N., Bush Defends His Decision to Go to War

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