School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 Airpower and Peace Enforcement by J S Corum
2 Middle Eastern Democracy: Is Civic Society the answer? by Amy Hawthorne
3 The ICRS and C-M Relations in Armed Conflict by M Studer
4 The role of the media and public information (Sierra Leone) by P Coker
5 American C-M Relations by D Johnson and S Metz
6 C-M Co-operation: a new tool for peacekeepers by S Pollick
7 Towards a Concept for Strategic Public Affairs by K Muller
8 Civil Military Relations and the EP-3 Crisis (China) by J Mulvenon
9 Civil Military Relations: Joint Doctrine & the Malayan Emergency by J E Hamby
10 Counter Terrorism Seminar at CIMIC North
11 The media role in peacebuilding: asset or liability? by G Adam and L Holguin
12 Media Development in Bosnia by M Taylor and P M Napoli
13 Managing CIMIC in Humanitarian Interventions by C Gourlay
14 In vanguard of 'peaceful occupation' by B Arnoldy
15 Media and Peacebuilding by C Spurk
16 Restructuring the media in post-conflict societies by M E Price
17 Challenges of the Media in Conflict Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Rehabilitation
18 Winning the Nationbuilding War by G E Anderson
19 From victory to success: afterwar policy in Iraq by numerous authors
20 Nation building. (Think Again). by M Ottaway
21 Information Campaigns for Peace Operations by K Avruch et al
22 Media and Peacebuilding by Ross Howard
23 Managing Communications: Lessons from Interventions in Africa from USIP
24 The American Record on Nation Building by M Pei & S Kasper
25 Promoting Peace with Information by Dan Lindley
26 Jackboot Nation Building: Bosnia by T G Carpenter
27 Civil Military Affairs in a Democracy by USIA
28 The State of the Art in International Democracy Promotion by P J Schraeder
29 JP 3-57 Joint Doctrine for Civil Military Affairs
30 Comparing War's End in Iraq and in Germany by C Barnett
31 Civil Military Relations in an age of terror by Rod Lyon
32 C-M Relations in the Midst of War by J Fishel
33 Civil-Military Relations in Iraq 1921-2006 by Abbas Kadhim
34 Contributions by the media to Crisis Prevention & Conflict Settlement by J Becker
35 Warfighters & Humanitarians by R M Zich
36 Democracy by Force: a renewed commitment to nation building by K von Hippel
37 Civil Military Affairs: USAID's role
38 Civil Affairs & MOOTW: 4 Balkan Sketches
39 The Peacebuilding dimension of C-M Affairs by D Lilly
40 The Media and Peace Building by Christoph Spurk
41 Kosovo Media Assessment - Final Report 2004.
42 Joint Task Force Commander's Handbook for Peace Operations (1998)
43 'The Liberator' - example of magazine published for troops in Iraq
44 The Responsibility to Protect - ICISS Report
45 Media in Liberated & Ocuupied Iraq by Brian Katulis
46 Planning for Conflict Termination & Post Conflict Success by W Flavin
47 From Headlines to Front Lines: the media and peace-building
48 Army's civil-affairs units stretched thin by R Scarborough
49 Iraq and Afghanistan should take note of the Caribbean's failed experiment in nation-building (Haiti
50 Dealing with the civilian population in post Saddam Iraq
51 The nation-building work has just begun by Anatol Lieven
52 Marines head to Iraq with new mission by Seth Hettena
53 Middle Eastern Democracy: Is Civic Society the answer? by Amy Hawthorne
54 Success Requires Patience by Niall Ferguson
55 Foreign Relations panel proposes civilian rapid response teams by M Posner
56 Full version of S 2127 (above)
57 The Taguna Report into Abu Ghraib abuses
58 On-the-ground Reality TV by Jason Vest (on the US Army in Iraq)
59 Iraq - On the Brink (transcript of documentary discussed above)
60 Wars and Ideas by George Packer
61 Govt. attacks on area specialists 'disservice to US ME Policy' by L Evans
62 The Iraq Reconstruction Fiasco from the NYT
63 Lessons in Nation Building from Japan, German and Afghanistan for postwar Iraq by R S Jennings
64 Old Folly...Nation Building to combat Terrorism by G T Dempsey
65 Low Intensity Conflict & Nation Building in Iraq: a chronology by S Lanier
66 Marines do their best to jump the culture gulf in the Persian Gulf by B Higgins
67 The War We're Winning (PRTs in Afghanistan)
68 A retrospective analysis of Iraqi reconstruction by K M Pollack
69 NGO-Military relations in Afghanistan by B E Cole and E Hsu

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