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Phil Taylor's papers

British/American Foreign Policy and the War on Terrorism
1 Tony Blair's speech at the Lord Mayor's banquet, 13 November 2001
2 Bill Clinton's speech in Doha, January 2004
3 PM speech on the threat of global terrorism, 5 March 2004
4 Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction by L M Wortzel
5 9/11 Enquiry - Opening Remarks
6 9/11 Enquiry - Madeleine Albright's Testimony
7 9/11 Enquiry - Colin Powell's Testimony
8 9/11 Enquiry - William Cohen's Testimony
9 9/11 Enquiry - Donald Rumsfeld's Testimony (plus Wolfowitz & Myers)
10 Walk Softly, But Carry a Big Stick (interview with Nye) by Jennifer Barrett
11 9/11 Enquiry - Condaleeza Rice's statement
12 Claim vs. Fact: Rice's Q&A Testimony Before the 9/11 Commission
13 Gen. Anthony Zinni Remarks at CDI Board of Directors Dinner, May 12, 2004
14 Under the Banner of the 'War' on Terror by William Greider
15 Bush Sets the Terms in Forming Relationships With World Leaders by G Kessler
16 9/11 Commission on Al Qaeda
17 Foreign Policy for a Democratic President by Samuel R. Berger
18 9/11 Commission on the hijacked planes
19 U..S. must offer hope, not fear by Lee Hamilton
20 The 9/11 Commission Report
21 The Conflict in Iraq - House of Commons Research Paper
22 History Lessons by John L Esposito
23 HoC Defence Committee: Lessons of Iraq (2003)
24 United front vital in deadly war by Paul Wilkinson
25 Paul Kennedy and John Lewis Gaddis talk about foreign policy and grand strategy
26 US Policy in Iraq: A realist Approach by Anthony H Cordesman
27 Don't Blame Arab Media by James J. Zogby
28 World War IV: How it started, what it means and why we have to win by Normon Podhoretz
29 Terrorism, the future and US Foreign Policy by R Perl
30 Prerequisite for Victory Against Terrorism by Charles V. Peña
31 The U.S. & the Middle East Three Years after 9/11 by John L. Esposito
32 U.N. Chief Ignites Firestorm by Calling Iraq War 'Illegal' by Patrick E Tyler
33 Europe's quieter fight against terror by Charles M. Sennott
34 The Third World War? by Lawrence Freedman
35 Strategic Trends from the JDCC
36 A new grand strategy for American foreign policy by Stephen M Walt
37 A Secure Europe in a Better World - European Security Strategy (2003)
38 Can Soft Power Really Save the World? by Marcus Stober (on above)
39 Rice Sets Out Administration's Foreign Affairs Budget Priorities
40 From Conflict to Co-operation: Rebuilding a new chapter in US-Arab relations frrom CSIS
41 Summary of the new Bush poilcy towards Cuba (May 2004) by R Farley & G Thale
42 Asia, 'media' and US Foreign Policy by Ed Comor
43 Justice and the American Way of War by A Hyde-Price
44 Understanding Islamism by ICG
45 The colossus ponders a Colonial Office by David Ignatius
46 Will State undergo reforms? by Helle Dale
47 Leak Case Renews Questions on War's Rationale by R W Stevenson & D Jehl
48 West must become smarter in use of force - General [Rupert Smith]
49 Are Democracies Really More Peaceful? by G J Bass
50 Diplomacy for the real world by Max Boot
51 Statement of General John P. Abizaid before the Senate Armed Services Committee March 2006
52 Fixing Foreign Policy by Samantha Power

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