School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 PSYOPS and Counter-terrorism by J M Post
2 Munitions of the Mind by M Munroe
3 Air Vice Marshall Heath & W/C Ian Chalmers on IO/PSYOP before HoC Select Committee on Defence
4 Graphic Propaganda: cultural expressions in time of war by Nick Shinn
5 Pre-war PSYOP
6 COIN Manual (2006)
7 Operation Bulldog Speak Up
8 PSYOPS broadcasts as monitored by 'radio hams'
9 A content analysis of coalition leaflets used in the Iraq war by A M Clarke & T B Christie
10 PSYOPS: Lessons Learned from Recent Experience by C Lamb
11 PSYOPS in Iraqi Freedom by Prof Taylor
12 A Decade of Deception and Defiance by USG
13 The Iraq dossier on WMD by HMG
14 PSYOPS in Iraqi Freedman by Herbert A Friedman
15 Mind Games by LTC Steve Collins
16 Rumours in Iraq: a guide to winning hearts and minds by S Kelly
17 Foreseeing the PSYOP Campaign by Stephen H. Baker
18 PSYOP leaflets in Iraq by CENTCOM
19 Psychological warfare against Iraq by Radio Netherlands
20 Operation hearts and minds by Melissa Dittmann
21 Psychological Warfare in Iraq brings success by Shaoni Bhattacharya
22 War -- it's not just firing guns by Kevin Coughlan
23 Commando Solo Radio Messages to Iraq, 2002-03
24 Occupying Iraqi airspace by IFE
25 Commando Solo II: Weapons of Mass Persuasion by Charles Portman
26 US steps up propaganda war by Mika Makelainen
27 Information Operations May Find Definition And Validation in Iraq by Alan Campen
28 Manipulating Minds by CBC
29 PSYOPS in Iraq: a view from the receiving end
30 Coalition of the Killing from The Hindu
31 Losing the battle for Arab hearts and minds by M Khoury-Machool
32 Troops Attempt To Spook Enemy Into Surrender by Peter Finn
33 Psyops Company Gets Word Out to Iraqi People By Joshua M. Risner
34 Operation hearts and minds by Melissa Dittman
35 Celine Dion leads psyops war in Iraq from IFE
36 DOD aims psy-ops at Iraqi officers by Matthew French
37 Washington's Failures In Psychological Warfare by Brian Cloughley
38 President's Message to the Iraqi People, April 2003
39 PSYOPS in post conflict Iraq
40 Iran TV channel targets Iraq (Al-Alam) from the BBC
41 Al-Qaida set to launch psychological warfare in Iraq by E Schechter
42 We've lost their hearts and minds by J Feffer (Sept 2003)
43 Playing The Mind Game In Iraq from CBS
44 Army Study of Iraq War Details a 'Morass' of Supply Shortages by Eric Schmitt
45 Minds, Not Guns, Were Weapons Of Local Soldiers by Dave Bellows
46 US networks agree to serve as Pentagon propaganda tool in Iraq by H Michaels
47 1st Armored Division PSYOP Team Makes Connections with Local Communities by C D Wilkerson
48 PSYOP Tries to Win War of Words by B Cossel
49 Army Takes Its War Effort to Task by David Zuchchino
50 The Military Takes Stock from Tech Review Magazine
51 Toppling of Saddam Statue Staged? from ABC's I Team
52 Reconstructing Iraq: Winning the Propaganda War in Iraq by Ron Schleifer
53 The return of PSYOPS from FAIR
54 US army to produce Mid-East comic from the BBC
55 DOD awards $300M in psyops contracts from UPI
56 The Booming Business for Psy/Ops by Jason Vest
57 File shows US 'psychological operations' concerns by Will Dunham
58 The [US] IO Roadmap (declassified Jan 06)
59 Psy-Ops Countered By Islamic Digital Propaganda by S Manning
60 Ugly Americans in Iraq by Nir Rosen
61 The Occupation of Iraqi Hearts and Minds by Nir Rosen

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