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Phil Taylor's papers

The Gulf War of 1991
1 An Analysis Of Gulf War Psyops And Their Applicability To Future Operations
2 Some PSYOPS leaflets
3 Press Pools, Prior Restraint and the Persian Gulf War by J Mordan
4 An Appraisal Of Gulf War Propaganda by R.G.Auckland
5 The Gulf War: A study of the Media, Public Opinion and Public Knowledge by J Lewis et al
6 CIA Support to the US Military during the Gulf War
7 The Gulf War: Not so clean by G Lopez
8 PSYOP essay by unknown
9 Film Footage of the Gulf War
10 Myths of the Gulf War by Grant Hammond
11 American Public Opinion in the Gulf War by John Mueller
12 Online GW TV News Collection
13 Pentagon Rules for Desert Storm
14 Censorship in the Gulf by David Benjamin
15 How the public relations industry sold the Gulf War by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton
16 The Gulf War 10 years after by JFQ
17 Interview with Rick Davis of NBC on Press Officers
18 Prof Taylor interview in 2003 about 1991 (in English but on a Dutch TV station website)
19 US Public Diplomacy and International Broadcasting in DS & DS by Nicholas Cull
20 The Rhetorical Strategy of George H W Steven Hurst
21 Lessons of the Gulf War by Lawrence Freedman
22 Some Declassified Desert Storm documents
23 The British Media and the Gulf War by Greg Filo and G McLaughlin
24 Baghdad: the Urban Sanctuary in Desert Storm by W Arkin
25 PSYOPS in Desert Storm by Jeffrey Jones
26 on Gulf War
27 CNN's In-Depth Special on Gulf War
28 CBC Archives on the Gulf War
29 Evaluation of the Air Campaign in Desert Storm
30 CNN, The Gulf War and Journalistic Practice by B Zelizer
31 US Played an active role in encouraging revolt by T Horwitz
32 The Media's Role in US Foreign Policy by E S Herman
33 How News Contructed Arab American Reactions to the Gulf War by D Gavrilos
34 Links to relevant articles and websites on Desert Storm

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