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Phil Taylor's papers

1 Post War Civilian Deaths in Iraq caused by US Forces by HRW
2 Weapons of Mass Deception by R Rosen
3 State Department Website about al Qaida operations - but Iraq is missing!
4 The War Bin Laden Wanted: How the U.S. played into the terrorist's plan by P W Schroeder
5 Challenging Ignorance on Islam by Gary Leupp
6 CNN statement about false claim it used old video
7 West's 'double standards' over Bin Laden tapes by J Hodgson
8 Two networks pass on showing bin Laden tape by AP
9 PR Watch for GWOT
10 Comments Raise Specter Of Religious Clash Within Terror War by A F Tully
11 Rumsfeld Repeats "Old Europe" Comments
12 Proposed Covert Propaganda Plan Called Counterproductive by A F Tully
13 Europe cringes at Bush 'crusade' against terrorists by Peter Ford
14 George Bush's Global Crusade by M. A. Muqtedar Khan
15 Rumsfeld press conference on 'Old Europe'
16 Palestinians celebrating 9/11 - a reply from The Electronic Intifada
17 Palestinians Suppress Coverage of Crowds Celebrating by L Hockstader
18 Camp X-Ray prisoners: the pictures that caused the stir from the BBC
19 Guantanamo Bay by the Red Cross
20 Advert from America fails to impress Muslims by S Donnan
21 Stricter Visa Rules May Prove Self-Defeating by A F Tully
22 The Bush Administration's Weapons of Mass Deception by I Eland
23 Is U.S. Casualty Reporting Suffering from Double Standards? by P C Siegel
24 Soldiers 'find huge chemical arms plant' by G Chamberlain
25 Some examples of portrayals of Information about Iraq
26 Shopworker 'sickened' by POW photos from the BBC
27 Blair in hot water over execution claim from AFP
28 US Flag over Saddam Statue
29 The day Saddam's statue fell by Paul Wood
30 How Private Jessica became America's icon by L Donegan
31 Saving Private Jessica
32 Transcript of War Spin by the BBC
33 Claims and counter claims made during the media war over Iraq from The Guardian
34 Case for war made up, say top names by A Gumbel
35 Why No WMD have been found in Iraq D Isenberg & I Davis
36 The spies who pushed for war (Office of Special Plans) by J Borger
37 No proof Saddam armed al-Qaida by D Campbell
38 Arms Issue Seen as Hurting U.S. Credibility Abroad by G Kessler
39 Shocking images shame US forces by Y Ridley & L Smallman
40 British Soldier Held Over Iraqis Torture Photos from Islam Online
41 Spies, Lies, and Weapons: what went wrong by K M Pollack
42 Iraq Intelligence: Here's what Powell said by P S Canellos
43 O'Reilly eats words on WMD claims by T M DeFrank & C Siemaszko
44 Text-messaging the revolution (Spanish elections) by Eric Pfanner
45 War against Terror by William F Simmons
46 MIA WMDs - For Bush it's a joke by David Corn
47 G.I.'s Padlock Baghdad Paper Accused of Lies by J Gettleman
48 Hearts, Minds and Padlocks - editorial from the NYT
49 Marine Reservist Under Investigation For Deplorable Photo by M Mernagh
50 Media malfunctions by Bill Berkovitz
51 Abuses at Abu Ghraib from the NYT
52 Iraqi Prisoner Details Abuse by Americans from AP
53 Bush Tells Arab World That Prisoner Abuse Was 'Abhorrent' by D Stout & T Neilan
54 Photos From Iraq Prison Show We Are Our Own Worst Enemy by P Kennicott
55 Hearts and Minds by David Remnick
56 'Good job' apologizing may not help by John Hall
57 Bremer has alienated Iraqis by Michael Rubin
58 'Its best use is as a doorstop' by Brian Whitaker
59 Reinstated visa requirements hinder journalists' access to US. by Tom Regan
60 Hypocrisy: The US Government's Biggest Single Problem by Charley Reese
61 Mistakes Loom Large as Handover Nears by Rajiv Chandrasekaran
62 Abu Ghraib Shows Limits of Carnival Barking by H Dale & S Johnson
63 Missing the Point (on General Boykin's remarks) - WP Editorial
64 Abu Ghraib: The Hidden Story by Mark Danner
65 Shooting of insurgent in Fallujah probed by Stephen R Hurst
66 Bush Regrets Language That Hurt U.S. Diplomacy by Reuters
67 U.S. Said to Pay Iraq Contractors in Cash (PD) by Larry Margasak
68 Italian Calls U.S. Gunfire Unjustified by D Williams
69 Italy Offical Disputes U.S. Claim in Death from AP
70 Pentagon cut and paste by Pepe Escobar
71 America Squanders Handling of Abu Ghraib by Byron Williams
72 US magazine says Koran abuse report may be wrong from AFX
73 White House demands Newsweek 'repair the damage' by David Walsh
74 The Buck Doesn't Stop With Newsweek by M Carlson (on above)
75 Mainstream-media bombshell by Helle Dale
76 Death by Error by Tina Brown (on above)
77 Newsweek's flub and Bush's by Joan Vennochi (on above)
78 The Long-Planned 'Spontaneous' Riots by Walid Phares (on above)
79 Inquiry Finds Abuses at Guantanamo Bay by N A Lewis & E Scmitt
80 Facing Up to the Tragedy of War (on Cpl. Tillman) from NYT
81 Muslims Outraged Over Koran Mistreatment by Lin Noueihed
82 How To Undermine Your Own PR Efforts by Shel Holtz
83 The media ignores the facts about Koran abuse and piles on the Army by John Hinderaker
84 American values are under attack by C Roberts and S V Roberts
85 New Horrific Abu Ghraib Photos Revealed from Islam Online
86 Propaganda Fear Cited in Account of Iraqi Killings by P von Zielbauer

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