School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 US Strategic Communications Act (2007)
2 DSBTF Report on Strategic Communication
3 For Pentagon and News Media, Relations Improve With a Shift in War Coverage by Thom Shanker
4 Strategic Communications Act (2008)
5 The psychological element of counterinsurgency warfare by F G Hoffman
6 The Global War on Terror: an assessment by R C Martinage
7 The Taliban's Information Warfare by Thomas Nissen
8 Communicating America's message - whose core competency? by Gerald Loftus
9 U.S. Public Diplomacy: The Search for a National Strategy by H C Dale
10 Shameful Days: Why Won't The Media Pursue the Pentagon Propaganda Scandal? by A Huffington
11 Pentagon Pundit Scandal Broke the Law by D Farsetta & S Rampton
12 Essay on need for greater interagency co-ordination in the USA
13 Pentagon launches foreign news websites by P Eisler
14 Pentagon Releases Propaganda Documents by John Stauber
15 policy bill would forbid efforts to plant upbeat news stories by J Rainey
16 Smith Amendment on Strategic Communications
17 Great Success in Iraq -- Again by J A Palermo
18 Misreading the Arab Media by L Pintak et al.
19 Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand by D Barstow
20 The Pentagon Takes Over by F Berrigan
21 The Pentagon continues to buy journalists by G W Farmer
22 House Votes to Ban Pentagon Propaganda by J Silver
23 Who Should Coordinate Strategic Communication? by S R Corman
24 Developing a National Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy Strategy by Mountainrunner
25 DoD Strategic Communication Concept Eyes Smith-Mundt
26 Strategizing Strategic Communication by Tony Blankley and Oliver Horn
27 How to Win the War of Ideas by J Glassman
28 Comic Book Hero Spreads Counterterrorism Message by S Magnuson
29 Smith Mundt from Bling Cycle Blog
30 Getting the People Part Right: A Report on the Human Resources Dimension of U.S. Public Diplomacy -
31 Highlighting al-Qaeda's Bankrupt Ideology by M Levitt & M Jacobsen
32 Britain's secret propaganda war against al-Qaida by A Travis
33 Public Diplomacy and the War of Ideas by Abu Aardvark (blog)
34 Taliban have not split from al Qaeda By Bill Roggio
35 Going to War with the Ideas We Have by C Hayden
36 Plan to tackle Taleban propaganda - BBC Radio 4
37 Taliban mock West for calling Afghanistan unwinnable by Bill Roggio
38 Strategic Communication vs. Public Diplomacy vs. Dialogue by Bud Goodall
39 Freedom of Speech in Jihadist Analysis: debunking the myth of eoofensive words - 2008 US Central Com
40 International Poll: No Consensus On Who Was Behind 9/11 from WPO
41 To Win the "War on Terror," We Must First Win the "War of Ideas" by H Amr & P W Singer
42 Army Invades Second Life by Joshua S. Fouts
43 The U.S. Counter-propaganda Failure in Iraq by A Garfield
44 Pentagon May Have Mixed Propaganda With PR by W Pincus

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