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INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING (see also Public Diplomacy)
1 The USIA - a commemoration
2 Making Radio into a tool of War by M Cawte
3 Cold War Broadcasting Conference Report
4 Scortched Ether: Radio Broadcasting in the Liberian Civil War by M A Innes
5 The Advent of Netwar by John Arquilla & David F. Ronfeldt
6 50-Year War of Words (Taiwan-China) by Mark Magnier
7 The ABCs of US Overseas Broadcasting by S A Honley
8 Alhurra, the Free One: Assessing U.S. Satellite Television in the Middle East by AM Baylouny
9 A Broadcasting Strategy to win Media Wars by Edward Kaufman
10 The Rise and Fall of the Taliban Controlled Stations 1996-2001 from Radio Netherlands
11 Transnational Broadcasting Studies journal
12 Radio Goes to War by Gerd Horten (WW2)
13 BBG's Strategic Plan 2002-07
14 The American Forces Network in the Cold War: military broadcasting in postwar Germany by unknown
15 International Broadcasting - a brief history
16 A Brief History of U.S. International Radio Broadcasting and War by D Westover and J-C Molleda
17 Public Diplomacy & the transformation of international broadcasting by M.E. Price
18 US International Broadcasting Struggles to Find its Way - With the Help of Al Jazeera by A Snyder
19 Relationship between IB and PD by Kim A Elliott
20 The Voice of America: First on the Internet by Chris Kern
21 Poland broadcasts "truth" to Belarus by C Johnson
22 Global Voice: Britain's Future in International Broadcasting by numerous authors
23 Transnational Communication and Defamatory Speech by D Goldberg
24 The Television Without Frontiers Directive
25 The early globalization of TV networks in the 1950s by James Schwoch
26 The Voice of Subversion: an analysis of the purpose and content of Radio Marti by T Kaspar
27 An Assessement of Cuba Broadcasting: the Voice of Freedom - US Congress sub-committee 2002
28 House of Representatives hearing on Radio Marti (2003)
29 Radio and TV Martí: Washington Guns after Castro at Any Cost from COHA
30 The Battle for Arabic Television and Radio Audiences (interview with Norman Pattiz)
31 PBS interview with Norman Pattiz on Radio Sawa
32 Radio Sawa & Al Hurrah TV by Norman Pattiz
33 Broadcasting Board of Governors - 2002 Annual Report
34 GAO Report on International Broadcasting 2003
35 Dine Thanks Broadcasters for "Job Well-Done" from RFE
36 Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, the CIA and the News Media by S Cone
37 Guide to the Archives of RFE/RL in the Hoover Institute
38 Hate Radio: Rwanda from Radio Netherlands
39 Journalists jailed for inciting Rwandan genocide from The Guardian unlimited
40 The role of radio in the Rwandan Genocide by C L Kellow and H Leslie Steeves
41 Peace Radio from Radio Netherlands
42 Radio Free Afghanistan Act
43 Radio Free Afghanistan Act 2
44 PBS Interview with Tom Dine, RFE/RL chief, on Radio Free Afghanistan
45 The war against Iraq (2003) and Transnational Broadcasting by L Lundsten & M Stocchetti
46 PBS interview with Gary Thatcher about Middle East Radio Network
47 Radio Sawa: Music as a Tool by G Gedda
48 Iran and Cuba Zap U.S. Satellites by J Michael Waller
49 New Directions in US International Broadcasting by Brian Conniff
50 Radio Sawa Delivers Arab and American Popular Music by Vicki Silverman
51 Radio Sawa: All dressed up with nowhere to go by Ali Abunimah
52 A change of Arab hearts and minds - interview with F Gerges
53 Anti-terror airwaves offensive by Donald Lambro
54 Alhurra, New Arabic-language Satellite TV Station, Launched February 14, 2004 - BBG Press Release
55 2004 GAO Report on International Broadcasting
56 BBG Chairman Kenneth Y. Tomlinson's Testimony Before the House Appropriations Subcommittee
57 VOA Should Broadcast in English by Kim Andrew Elliott
58 Radio Monte Carlo begins FM service in Kuwait from AFP
59 Operation Broadcast Freedom from FP
60 Ambassador William Rugh on Arab broadcasting and US public diplomacy
61 Al-Hurra 'US propaganda tool' from The Australian
62 How the US government's Arab TV network can establish credibility by Kim A Elliot
63 Comments on Radio Sawa & Al Hurrah TV by William A Rugh
64 Finding the right media for the message in the Middle East by Shibley Telhami
65 New BBC channel to take on al-Jazeera by Jon Boone
66 Iran's Airwave assult by Seth Cropsey
67 VOA staffers seek Hill probe by Tom Sullivan
68 Britney Does the Mideast by Beth Lubove
69 Voice of America Staff Petition to Congress
70 BBG calls for increased funding after 9/11 Report
71 Voice of America? by Paul M. Weyrich
72 The Role of Radio Sawa In Mideast Questioned by Glenn Kessler
73 Report slams US Arabic radio station by A Coleman
74 US Broadcasting to Cuba 20th Anniversary by Alvin Snyder
75 Waging war over Taiwanese airwaves by Mark Magnier
76 VOA funding rise aimed at Muslims by Donald Lambro
77 Kim Andrew Elliott's letter to the UK public diplomacy review team
78 Pitch Imperfect (VOA) by Sanford J. Ungar
79 Voice of America to move part of news division to Hong Kong by S Harris
80 Will America's softer, kindlier voice be heard abroad? by Alvin Snyder
81 Voice of America broadcaster balanced truth, political agenda by D Spellman
82 Voice-Over America by Art Levine
83 Public Broadcasting Meets the New Boss by M Gold & J Neuman
84 BBC World Service announces 'biggest transformation in 70 years'
85 Justifying international broadcasting in 2005 by Andy Sennitt
86 Broadcasting a Vision of Democracy Into a Void (Cuba) by C J Williams
87 VOA is DOA in Bush budget by M Schram
88 NPR to be broadcast in Berlin by D Carvajal
89 Spreading the word by Helle Dale
90 Why the largest English-speaking country should broadcast to the world in English by K A Elliott
91 Voice of America's Death by a Thousand Cuts by S Johnson
92 Is broadcasting becoming narrowcasting? by A Sennitt
93 America's Vanishing Voice? by Alan L. Heil
94 2009 Bill to reorganise US International Broadcasting
95 GAO Report (2009) on Broadcasting to Cuba
96 Clandestine Radio website
97 USG International Broadcasting Bureau
98 Radio Farda (in English)
99 Broadcasting Board of Governors website
100 Alhurra website
101 Radio Sawa (in English)
102 BBC World Service homepage
103 European Broadcast Union
104 Radio Farda by H Biener
105 Radio Free Asia website
106 Radio Free Europe Archives Register
107 Radio/TV Marti (Spanish only)
108 Worldnet
109 Voice of America website
110 Radio Free Iraq website
111 China Radio International website
112 Deutche Welle website (in English)
113 Radio Netherlands
114 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website
115 Voice of Afghanistan website
116 Voice of Russia website (in English)
117 Radio France International website
118 China Radio International
119 Vatican Radio website
120 Radio Monte Carlo website (in English)
121 The Association for International Broadcasting
122 The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
123 Dxing info

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