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Phil Taylor's papers

PROPAGANDA AND THE GLOBAL 'WAR' ON TERROR (GWOT) Years 1 and 2, ie 9/11-2003
1 US Patriot Act 2001
2 How Bush Sold the War by D Feith
3 Is America Effectively Telling Its Side of the Story in the Anti-Terrorism Campaign? Brookings/Harva
4 9/11 & Terror War by Douglas Kellner
5 Conflict Media Strategies and the politics of counter-terrorism by S Shpiro
6 Iraqi media: 25 years of repression from RSF
7 Does US Intervention Overseas Breed Terrorism? by I Eland (1998)
8 'War'? Legal Semantics and the move to violence by F Megret
9 First TV reports of WTC attack (video)
10 The war of ideas by A Cohen
11 Brand America by J Spark
12 Fighting Terrorism: Lessons from the Cold War by A Lieven
13 Coverage of Terrorism, 1993-2001 by M. V. Storin
14 America's Information War on Terrorism by J McClanahan
15 Office of Global Communications website
16 DoD Operation Enduring Freedom website
17 The Global War on Terror: the first 100 days
18 Clash of Communications by Global Views
19 Viewers greet September 11 TV coverage with cynicism by Claire Cozens
20 The Propaganda War by The Economist
21 Special issue of Journal of Information Warfare on Perception Management
22 Coalition Bulletins
23 Journalism and the War on Terrorism by A White
24 The dangers of disinformation in the war against terrorism by M S Beelman
25 Arab Perceptions of US Presence & Policy by B J Talbot and M B Meyer
26 Western Journalists on the 9/11 attacks
27 The rise and fall of the Office of Strategic Influence by James Der Derian
28 Report of the Joint Enquiry into the 9/11 attacks
29 Iraq: US Military Operations by Steve Bowman
30 Journalism and the War on Terrorism by A White
31 Journalism and the War on Terrorism by A White
32 Foreign Policy Aspects of the war against terrorism from HoC Foreign Affairs Committee
33 Britain's quest to win the propaganda war by Sajjad Khan
34 Beyond 'With us or with the terrorists' by G R Mitchell
35 'Spin Laden' - Propaganda and Urban Myths by Prof Taylor
36 Shaping the Global Information Space in the 'war' against International Terrorism by Prof Taylor
37 Get the Message Out by Richard Holbrooke
38 Pentagon Hires Public Relations Firm to Reverse Opposition in Islamic World By W P Strobel and J S L
39 British Government case against bin Laden
40 Hearts & Minds: Madison Avenue guru aims to discredit bin Laden by C Reidy
41 Winning the war on terror: psychology as a strategic framework by N Beecroft
42 bin Laden: 'I am not the enemy: America is' by R S Zaharna
43 Transcript of bin Laden's broadcast of December 2001
44 On Madrasas by H Haqqani
45 Our man in the land of Zam Zam Cola by Christina Lamb
46 9/11, Spectacles of Terror and Media Manipulation by Douglas Kellner
47 The west and Islam in the mass media by K Hafez (2000)
48 The Use of Media as a Weapon by Eric Margolis
49 Al Qaeda's justification for 9/11 by Quintan Wiktorowicz and John Kaltner
50 The War for Public Opinion by Tamara Straus of AlterNet
51 White House Looking to Enlist Hollywood in Terrorism War by Sharon Waxman
52 In war of words, US lags behind by Francine Kiefer and Ann Scott Tyson
53 How to sell America to people who hate it by C Weiser
54 Information-Age "De-Terror-ence" by Timothy L Thomas
55 Terrorists vs the Media: who really has the upper hand by E Morgan
56 Al Qaeda and the Internet by Timothy Thomas
57 NBC News transcript on PR offensive in WOT
58 Usama bin Ladin and al-Qa'ida: Origins and Doctrines By Benjamin Orbach
59 Winning Hearts & Minds: Iraq and the Arab World by N Beecroft
60 Hitting the Camels in the Butt: War Rhetoric & Deliberation after 9/11 by C Kelly & M T Martinez
61 Accomplice or Witness? The Media's role in Terrorism by B Nacos
62 Losing a Battle for Hearts and Minds by J Michael Waller
63 The Pentagon's Information Warrior: Rendon to the Rescue by L Millar & S Rampton
64 The propaganda war, and why bin Laden is winning it by F Sisci
65 We Need More Propaganda, Not Less by Nancy Snow
66 Why the U.S. is losing the propaganda war by Eric Boehlert
67 The not-so-new television news landscape by journalism org
68 Winning hearts and minds by J G Hicket
69 Newsies walk propaganda tightrope by P Bernstein
70 Winning the War of Ideas by Anthony Blinken
71 The problem of US Credibility (in the Middle East) by Marina Ottaway
72 We're Losing the Battle for Hearts and Minds by Robert Satloff
73 How to sell America to people who hate it from Council of Public Relations
74 U.S. Appears to Be Losing Public Relations War So Far from NYT
75 Office of Strategic Influence Illegal by FAIR
76 The Demise of the OSI by D P Jordan*
77 The dangers of disinformation in the war on terrorism by M S Beelman
78 The Secret War by W A Arkin
79 Defining propaganda, illegal deception (on the OSI) by Ann Scott Tyson
80 Strategic Influence Office 'Closed Down,' Says Rumsfeld
81 Déjà vu All Over Again by Nancy Snow (on the OSI)
82 Pentagon Debates Propaganda Push in Allied Nations by Thom Shanker and Eric Schmitt
83 PSYOPS in Afghanistan by Herbert A Friedman
84 The war's first media star: the videophone by Paul Farhi
85 Strange Victory (Afghanistan) by Carl Conetta
86 Coalition Information Centre (London) update on WOT
87 The war on journalism by Paul McMasters
88 U.S. Commando Solo II takes over Afghan airwaves by Jim Garamone
89 Lost in the Rhetorical Fog of War by Robert Fisk
90 Media war goes to Pakistan from the BBC
91 DOD Officials Call Afghanistan 'Ideal' For Psychological Operations by Adam J. Hebert
92 The disinformation campaign by Philip Knightley
93 Psychological Operations during Operation Enduring Freedom by Prof Taylor
94 Radio Free Afghanistan Act
95 Psyops Leaflets for Afghanistan 2001-02
96 Collateral Damage Reporting by Khatya Chhor
97 Taliban anti-coalition propaganda
98 US attempts to shore up support for war by Claire Cozens
99 Bin Laden winning the propaganda war by The Guardian
100 PSYOPS in Afghanistan by Douglas Waller
101 US Broadcasts Propaganda Into Afghanistan by Kendall Clark
102 Pentagon hires firm to help with war by PR Julia Day
103 In the War on Terrorism, New Life for Propaganda by Elizabeth Becker
104 Apparatus of Lies by the Office of Global Communications
105 Background Briefing on Taliban Denial and Deception Techniques
106 Coalition Information Centres By Jeremy Bransten
107 Promoting independent media in Afghanistan by P Feuiherade
108 US Special Forces - Posture Statement 2000
109 Strange Victory: A Critical Appraisal of Op Enduring Freedom & the Afghan War by C Carnetta
110 Targeting hearts and minds by Chuck Murphy
111 White House Office of Global Communications briefing
112 Enduring Freedom Lessons Learned by AFSOC
113 Seminar: Arab/Islamic Perceptions of the Information Campaign
114 Selective Intelligence (OSP) by Seymour Hersh
115 The Office of Special Plans by Tom Barry
116 The spies who pushed for war (OSP) by Julian Borger
117 Propaganda Wars from ABC
118 U.S. Asks Muslims Why It is Unloved by Jane Perlez
119 Al Qaida's cyberwar capabilities by PBS
120 Hearts and Minds by J J Mearsheimer
121 Arab Perceptions of US Presence & Policy by B J Talbot & M B Mayer
122 Losing the battle for Arab hearts and minds by M Khoury-Machool
123 Arab-Islamic Perceptions of the US Information Campaign
124 The Battle for Arabic Television and Radio Audiences (interview N Pattiz)
125 Searching for a dream or finding a nightmare? by Prof Taylor
126 Allies' PR war targets Arab street By Howard LaFranchi
127 DoD presentation on how to avoid being duped by the Taliban
128 Credibility: Can't Win Hearts and Minds Without It - from The Washington Post by Prof Taylor
129 Avoiding Holy War: Ensuring that the WOT is not perceived as a war on Islam by S J Hajjar
130 Media, Education and anti-americanism in the Muslim World by M A Gentzkow & J M Shapiro
131 An Army of Propaganda by K Lydersen
132 Government Plans New Information Fronts In Terror War by A F Tully
133 Arab Perceptions towards US foreign policy: why perceptions matter by M B Meyer
134 President Bush Announces Major Combat Operations in Iraq Have Ended
135 From Bombs and Bullets to Hearts and Minds by Nancy Snow
136 Re-engage the World after Beer's resignation by Robert Satloff
137 U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell Addresses the U.N. Security Council
138 President Bush addresses the Nation on war vs. Iraq
139 Why we know Iraq is lying by Condaleeza Rice
140 The media handling of the Iraq war by Alan Knight
141 DoD Operation Iraqi Freedom website
142 The Iraqi media and the aftermath of war from ABC
143 The Image of War by ABC
144 Charlotte Beers resigns by CNN
145 Words of Mass Deception from ABC
146 Misperceptions, the Media & the Iraq war by S Kull
147 Fact or Fiction?
148 Off the Air: Radio and TV for Free Iraq have been MIA by J J Miller
149 What's in a name? More than you think by Joe Saltzman
150 Anatomy of a propaganda war by J Kampfner
151 Perception Management in Iraqi Freedom: a powerpoint presentation
152 The War Media: Neutral Reportage or Non-Military Combatants? by Dr. Leslie Jermyn
153 House of Commons Select Ctee on Foreign Affairs report on 'The decision to go to war with Iraq'
154 An attack on the war coverage by Ashleigh Banfield
155 International Media question justifications for war against Iraq 2003
156 Here is the news: Too much heat... too little light by Peter Preston
157 Iraq and Conflict Termination by A H Cordesman
158 Misperceptions, The Media and Iraq War by PIPA
159 Selling the War with PSYOP by NPR
160 Winning the Peace: Managing the Transition in Iraq (January 2003!)
161 Truth from these Podia: Strategic Influence, Perception Management & PSYOP in GW2, by Sam Gardiner*
162 Iraq: Meeting the Challenge, Sharing the burden, staying the course - US Senate trip report
163 Parliamentary Research Paper on War in Iraq
164 President Bush Announces Major Combat Operations in Iraq have ended
165 The Pentagon's Bungled Psyops Strategy - an alternative view
166 Al Qaeda uses Web sites to draw recruits, spread propaganda by N Doyle
167 U.S. Starts Iraq 'Good News' Offensive by C J Hanley
168 War, media, propaganda and language: Coalition of the Killing from The Hindu
169 Truth, war and consequences from PBS
170 Pentagon Plans Iraq Channel by Mike Allen
171 Paul Bremer's address to Iraqi people, 24 October 2003
172 Results in Iraq: 100 Days to Security & Freedom from The White House
173 Secretive U.S. 'Information' Office Back by Connie Cass
174 War Is Sell by Laura Miller
175 Spectacle and Media Propaganda in the War on Iraq by Douglas Kellner
176 Weapons of Mass Deception by Sheldon Rampton
177 Arab youths wooed with US magazine (Hi) by BBC
178 Weapons of Mass Deception by J Stauber & S Rampton (+Reviews)
179 Weapons of Mass Deception by Ruth Rosen
180 Building Arab Democracy by H Mustafa and D Makovsky
181 Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair by Neil Mackay
182 The very secret service (Rockingham) by Michael Meacher
183 The role of Operation Rockingham by Scott Ritter
184 Mobilising the News Media for the other war on Terror by G Wolfsfeld
185 Pentagon and Bogus News: All Is Denied by Eric Scmitt
186 Grand Finale Even Hollywood Couldn't Have Dreamed Up by C Chocano
187 U.S. Plans to Offer Official Coverage of Iraq Directly to Viewers by C Marquis
188 Teach Them the Real America by G Wasserman
189 Who's afraid of a little propaganda? by Jack Shafer
190 Good News ... is No News from Mother Jones
191 Bringing Democracy to the Arab World by J Muravchik
192 Media caught in Iraq's war of perceptions by A S Tyson
193 The other Media Network by A Sennit
194 Losing the Media War from the Washington Post
195 U.S. Journalist Quits Pentagon Iraqi Media Project Calling it U.S. Propaganda from Democracy Now
196 War of Ideas by Thomas Friedman
197 The President's Secret Flight to Baghdad by Jay Rosen
198 Hearts and Minds? First, Just Win by Wayne Downing
199 For Arabs, It's Not Yet Must-See TV by Megan Stack
200 Observations and Impressions from Iraq by N B DeAtkine
201 The Bush Administration's Public Statements on Iraq
202 Patterns of Global Terrorism 2003
203 Washington's post-9/11 war on terror is finished by Timothy Garton Ash
204 Links to relevant articles and websites

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