School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 Rethink Washington's 'War of Ideas' by C Paul
2 Future of PD Unsettled at State by S Ackerman
4 President Obama's speech in Cairo, 4 June 2009
5 First Presidential Speech to Send Live Mobile Highlights via Text Messaging
6 VOA to highlight Obama Speech
7 Alhurra and Radio Sawa to Broadcast Live Coverage of Obama
8 BBG Press release on Obama speech
9 bin Laden tries to spoil Obama speech to arab world
10 Al-Qaida criticizes Obama's upcoming Cairo speech by M Youssef
11 Muslim world reaction to Obama speech from Brookings
12 DC Comics' superheroes join forces with characters inspired by Allah by R Butt
13 Strategic Communication Science and Technology Plan, April 2009
14 Concerns loom about SC, PD by Fawzia Sheikh
15 U.S. Officials Get a Taste of Pakistanis' Anger at America by H Cooper
16 U.S. Plans a Mission Against Taliban's Propaganda by T Shanker
17 It's not about us by James Glassman
18 Adm. Mullen Elevates 'Strategic Communications' Debate by S Ackerman
19 Strategic Communication: Getting Back to Basics by Adm M Mullen
20 Strategic Communications and the Graveyard of Empire by John Brown
21 US public diplomacy: an idiotic fetish by R G Khouri
22 A question of (Muslim) identity from Al Ahram
23 Tora Bora: An opportunity missed by John Kerry
24 Talking Cultural Relations by A Kneale
25 VOA Expands SMS News and Information Delivery Worldwide
26 Joint Forces Quarterly 2010 - lots of interesting stuff in this issue
27 To win, the US military has to beat the Taliban at the propaganda game by A Richarz
28 Rewriting the Narrative by J Scott Carpenter et al
29 Fighting the Ideological Battle: The Missing Link in U.S. Strategy by J Scott Carpenter et al
30 Military should be exempt from White House policy by C L Clark
31 Analysis of the First Year of the Obama Administration:Public Relations and Propaganda Initiatives

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