School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 Mind Games by Daniel Schulman
2 Propaganda and the US War on Terrorism by A G Romarheim
3 Missed Perceptions by Jason Vest
4 NSC National Strategy for Victory in Iraq
5 Links to on-line sources on the Iraqi Insurgency from the Project on Defence Alternatives
6 'Hearts and Minds' in Iraq by R M Gerecht
7 Military Use of Propaganda in Iraq by R M Gerecht (more on above)
8 An Interview with John H. Brown
9 Pentagon to set new communications policy - official by C Aldinger
10 US issues 'do's and don'ts' to sell its 'War on Terror' story
11 Rumsfeld blames free media on info war (UPI)
12 CENTCOM Senior Leaders Talking Points 1 February 2006
13 The Cartoon Backlash: Redefining Alignments by George Friedman
14 The limits of propaganda by Anatol Lieven and David Chambers
15 Miscommunication between Iranian Society and the West ... by Mehdi Khalaji
16 New Name, Same Conflict by Tim Harper
17 Quick Rise for Purveyors of Propaganda in Iraq by D S Cloud
18 Rumsfeld Pushes Media Front in Terror War by J Eggerton
19 Rumsfeld Urges Using Media to Fight Terror by A S Tyson
20 US Lags in Propaganda War: Rumsfeld from Reuters
21 The Wages of Spin: The Pentagon's Media Contracts by Diane Farsetta
22 Rumsfeld declares war on 'bad' press by E Mekay
23 Weapons of Mass Instruction by D von Drehle
24 War in the Information Age by Donald H. Rumsfeld
25 New Realities in the Media Age - Donald Rumsfeld
26 John Zogby: On a New Poll Of U.S. Soldiers
27 Old Propaganda and New by Matt Welch
28 Cuba Says U.S. Spreading Technology Subversion, Anti-Castro Propaganda by Jim Burns
29 Al-Qa'eda steps up propaganda war with bloodthirsty DVDs by I Wilkinson & I Ali
30 Al Qaeda takes propaganda war to schools from Adnkronos International
31 No amount of spin can provide security in Iraq by J Klurfeld
32 No Breach Seen in Work in Iraq on Propaganda by Thom Shanker
33 Iraqi Official, Paid by C.I.A., Gave Account of Weapons by S Shane
34 Spin Battles Truth On the War's Third Anniversary by Danny Schechter
35 Propaganda? Nah, Here's the Scoop [Lincoln Group] by Lynne Duke
36 Translation: Is the Whole World Watching? [al Jazeera] by L Manly
37 Rumsfeld: U.S. Struggles to Combat Anti-American Propaganda by B Brubaker
38 The US propaganda machine: Oh, what a lovely war [Lincoln Group] by Andrew Buncombe
39 Hughes Believes Public Diplomacy Job Influences US Policy by Greg Flakus
40 The Ongoing War on Truth in Iraq by Dahr Jamail
41 U.S. military and State Department seek ties with Arab media in Dubai from Pravda
42 Image of US Falls Again by Brian Knowlton
43 Hughes pushes for more interfaith dialogue
44 Experts: US must win 'war of ideas' by Tom Regan
45 Latest Public Diplomacy Coordinating Committee Faces Uphill Battle
46 Of jihad networks and the war of ideas by David E. Kaplan
47 British lawmakers say Al Qaeda also sees Iraq as propaganda tool by Tom Regan
48 The War of Ideas: Quick Hit Campaigns More Than Long Term Plays
49 The military's problem with the President's Iran policy by S Hersh
50 Fix the Policy, 'Lose' the Message by Tom Porteus
51 A Message Not Yet Sent: Using SC to counter WMD threats by R H Estes
52 US soft power deficit by Sherif Hamdy
53 Lincoln Group Out of Military PR Contract by G Witte
54 Cheney gearing up for attack on Iran - ReBelle Nation blog
55 Preliminary Lessons of the Israel-Hezbollah war by A H Cordesman
56 America's Muslim community shows few signs of the radicalism seen in Britain by D Bennet
57 Anti-U.S. Attack Videos Spread on Web by E Wyatt
58 Backers are shadowy but message is clear in graphic TV ad from AP
59 White House Strategic Vision for winning the GWOT (Sept 2006)
60 Propaganda program in Iraq legal from AP
61 Britain stops talk of 'war on terror' by Jason Burke
62 Restoring America's Good Name - Brookings
63 The Enemy Within by F Zakarta
64 How Not to Lose the Global Culture War by Martha Bayles

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