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The Kosovo conflict 1999
1 Kosovo Crisis - End of the Post Cold War Era by A G Arbatov
2 Communications Lessons for NATO, the military and media by A Campbell
3 Modern Conflicts, the Media and Public Opinion by Jamie Shea
4 The Kosovo Crisis & the Media by E Povel
5 What the Joint Force Commander needs to know abount countering the effects of adversay propaganda by
6 Collateral Damage or Unlawful Killings? Amnesty International Report (2000)
7 Lessons from Kosovo by Larry Wentz
8 Propaganda War in Serbia by Joel Simon
9 Kosovo and the future of Information Operations by W Church
10 War Propaganda in Serbia by Anon
11 Kosovo: US diplomacy and western public opinion by M Smith
12 It's the Press versus the Pentagon by J Kitfield
13 Serbian Information Operations During Operation Allied Force by W Larson
14 Tactical IO in Kosovo by M J Romanych & K Krumm
15 The Spin that Tricked Europe into War by Andy Wasley
16 House of Commons Research paper 99/34
17 NATO's 'Humanitarian War' Over Kosovo by Adam Roberts
18 The Politics of Legitimacy in IR: NATO's intervention in Kosovo by H Shinoda
19 Kosovo After Action Report to US Congress
20 Opportunity Lost: PA, IO and the air war against Serbia by Gary Pounder
21 Air War over Serbia: the information war by R. F. Grantham
22 Coalition Information Sharing by Larry Wentz
23 The Struggle for the Information Space by Kristina Riegert
24 The Propaganda War by Audrey Gilan
25 Kosovo and the Current Myth of Information Superiority by Timothy Thomas
26 Blair's Kosovo Campaign: Political Communications & the Battle for Public Opinion by R Vickers
27 HoC Defence Committee on Kosovo
28 Framing the NATO airstrkes on Kosovo: Chinese & US media compared by J Yang
29 Spinning Kosovo by by Srdjan D. Stojanovic
30 A Narrative Analysis of US Press Coverage of Slobodan Milosevic and the Serbs in Kosovo by Richard C
31 CNN, Nato and the Kosovo crisis by Daya Thussu
32 Operation Allied Force: the view from Beijing by J D Perry
33 Spinners, sinners and no winners by Colonel David H. Hackworth
34 IO in Kosovo by J Anderson
35 'Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo' by K Ramakrishna
36 Amnesty International Report on Legality of NATO BOmbing
37 Democracy and Propaganda: NATO's war in Kosovo by Mark A Wolfgram
38 Victory by Spin? Britain, the US and the propaganda war over Kosovo by P Dixon
39 Reporters without Borders on the RTS bombing
40 Some snaps of 1999 bomb damage to Belgrade
41 Information Intervention and the case of Kosovo by L Kyrke-Smith
42 TV journalism and NATO's 'faith in bombing' during the Kosovo conflict by G McLaughlin
43 Where the media went wrong covering Kosovo by Jeff Cohen
44 Campbell attacks media over Kosovo from The Independent
45 Targeting & proportionality by K Fenrick
46 Final Report to the Prosecutor by the Cttee Established to Review the NATO Bombing Campaign
47 Anti-Nato Videos
48 Propaganda Oriented Media and International Humanitarian Law (RTS) from RSF
49 Reporting Humanitarian Warfare by P Hammond
50 PSYOPS in Kosovo by Herbert A Friedman
51 How the Kosovo War was Spun by Ed Stourton
52 The Limits of Air Power: Transcript
53 The Information War About Kosovo TFF PressInfo 62
54 Psychological Warfare from Radio Netherlands
55 The Psyop War in Kosovo
56 Commando Solo provides NATO voice to Serbs By Lisa Hoffman
57 PSYOPS in the Kosovo Conflict by H A Friedman
58 Kosovo media coverage: a powerpoint presentation by Prof Taylor
59 War in Kosovo: a victory for the media? by Marina Blagojevic
60 Journalism as Propaganda by John Pilger
61 Forgotten Coverage Of Rambouillet Negotiations by FAIR
62 British Public Opinion, the Media and International Crises by Prof Taylor
63 TV Screens Offer Us Illusions Of War By Norman Solomon
64 Journalism vs. Propaganda by Philip Hammond
65 The Propaganda War by Robert Fisk
66 The war on TV by P Hammond
67 Looking for the real war by L Hislum
68 Witness to the Tragedy of War by Jamie Dettmer
69 Which do we believe: Nato facts or Serb lies? by M Born
70 Journalists are not giving us the real story by John Pilger
71 The blind misleading the blind by Edward Said
72 A War of Words and Pictures by P Hammond
73 Media Report from ABC (radio transcript)
74 Media Interaction in the Kosovo Conflict by Steve Badsey
75 From Emergency to Development Media: Radio by J Windborne
76 The Greek Media and the Kosovo Crisis by M Kondopolou
77 The Kosovo War in the Media by B Hoijer, S Nohrstedt and R Ottoson
78 The Fog of War Reporting: How the Media Missed the Ground War in Kosovo by Trevor Butterworth
79 The Media and the Kosovo Crisis by Philip Hammond
80 Yugoslav media from Radio Netherlands
81 A Key Adviser to NATO Assails Kosovo Coverage by T Buerkle
82 War movie.(how the NATO-Yugoslavian conflict was presented to the public) by L H Lapham
83 Operation Allied Force: the view from Beijing by J D Perry
84 Psyops leaflets from Operation Allied Force
85 After the Battle: Consolidation PSYOP examples
86 Links to relevant articles and websites

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