School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 PD during the Cold War by J Critchlow
2 The Evolution of Diplomacy by W R Roberts
3 PD Bibliography
4 The Overseas Post: The Forgotten Element of Our PD by M Canning
5 PDD 68
6 Fixing the crisis in diplomatic readiness by AAD
7 The purpose of U.S. public diplomacy in historical perspective by J Wang
8 US rejoins UNESCO
9 Enduring Public Diplomacy by P M von Eschen
10 What the world thinks of America by the BBC
11 PD: Reinvigorating America's Strategic Communications Policy from Heritage Foundation
12 PD and US Foreign Policy by L Kennedy and W Scott Lucas
13 The Not-So-Black Art of Public Diplomacy by H Taylor
14 US PD: Background and the 9/11 Commission by S Epstein
15 Prof Taylor on Public Diplomacy and the War on Terror - Lecture extract
16 PD before Gullion: the evolution of a phrase by Nicholas Cull
17 NSC 77 (President Reagan's reinvigoration of PD)
18 The George H. W. Bush Administration and the U.S.I.A. by Nicholas J Cull
19 Wilton Park PD Conference (2006) Summary
20 Public diplomacy and place branding: where's the link? by S Anholt
21 Public Diplomacy in Grand Strategy by Ben D Mor
22 PD Update No 1 (Fall 2006)
23 Foreign Service Journal on Public Diplomacy (October 2006)
24 The USIA by Nancy Snow (1997)
25 PD and the Cold War: Lessons Learned by C Lord & H C Dale
26 The New PD and Aghanistan by David Steven
27 Public diplomacy: seven lessons for its future from its past by Nick Cull
28 PD: Sunrise of an Academic Field by B Gregory
29 PD and Nation Branding by Gyorgy Szondi
30 The Freedom Promotion Act of 2002
31 Public Diplomacy bibliography from Cligendael
32 Ready, Aim, Inform (IPI) by J Bleifuss
33 PD: How to Think About and Improve It by Charles Wolf, Jr., Brian Rosen
34 Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
35 PD and International Free Press - Senate hearing
36 Public diplomacy by the numbers
37 PD a a strategy for reform by P G Peterson et al
38 A Strategic Assessment of PD by J Riggins (1998)
39 Beyond Public Diplomacy by David Hoffman
40 PD post 9/11 by Matt Lussenhop
41 Jump Starting (Public) Diplomacy by Elisse Labott
42 PD - Capturing the Information Terrain on way to victory by L R Urrutia-Varhall
43 PD - Evolution of the Literature by Stacey Glassgold
44 Public Diplomacy by Karen Wilhelm
45 Advertising as Public Diplomacy by A Kendrick & J Fullerton
46 The Benefits of Public Diplomacy by James Hoge
47 Public Diplomacy Necessary for Policy Success by Christopher Ross
48 Forgotten Freedom by H Dale
49 PBS interview with Christopher Ross on PD
50 Public Diplomacy Comes of Age by Christopher Ross
51 The Art of Public Diplomacy by Ramona Harper
52 Our Criplled PD by F A Coffey
53 PD: how to think about it and improve it by C Wolf and B Rosen
54 Propaganda and Public Diplomacy in the Information Age by J Metzl, Steve Livingstone et al
55 Public Diplomacy by Pamela Smith
56 PD & the war against terror by C Beers
57 Spreading Freedom: PD and Democracy Building by T Moore & A Cohen
58 Finding America's Voice: A Strategy for Reinvigorating US PD
59 Can Public Diplomacy Rise from the Ashes? by Jamie Metzl
60 Diplomacy by Other Means by M Leonard (PD)
61 Get the Message Out by Richard Holbrooke
62 Public Diplomacy by Mark Leonard
63 Coalition Launches Public Diplomacy Media Campaign in Iraq (Newshour Extra)
64 Pillars of Public Diplomacy by Christopher Ross
65 Public Diplomacy and Democracy-Building by T Moore and A Cohen (1999)
66 A Failure of Imagination (PD since 1999) by B A Camp
67 How to Reinvigorate U.S. Public Diplomacy by S Johnson & H Dale
68 Building America's Public Diplomacy Through a Reformed Structure and Additional Resources
69 The Message is America: Rethinking US Public Diplomacy - House of Representatives hearing
70 America's Overseas Presence in the 21st Century, a November 1999 report
71 Regaining America's Voice Overseas from The Heritage Foundation
72 US PD in the Middle East by M J Dutta-Bergman
73 A Plan Forward for U.S. Public Diplomacy by Helle Dale
74 America's Global Dialog: Sharing America's Values & the way ahead for PD - Senate hearing 2002
75 US Cultural Imperialism Today: only a chimera? by M van Elteren
76 Public Diplomacy: Politics, Propaganda or Publicity by D M Oglesby
77 An Analysis of the 'Shared Values' PD Campaign by P L Plaisance
78 Hughes says Bush Mideast policy not affecting public diplomacy mission
79 The History and Future of US Public Diplomacy by Injy Galal
80 America's Global Image: Short-term branding or long-term exchange from Arts and Minds
81 Public Diplomacy & US Foreign Policy by J Keilson
82 Talking with the Islamic World: is the message getting through - Georgetown University conference
83 Soundbites, Islam & Foggy Bottom by T Gorgussian
84 Charlotte Beers to the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
85 How to Sell America to People who hate us by Gannett News Centre
86 The role of PD in the Anti-Terrorism Campaign - House of Representatives Hearing 2001
87 PD: the war's missing front by Y Congar
88 Selling Democracy Abroad or Rescuing it at Home by R Pinkney
89 War, Lies & Videotape: Public Diplomacy and the USA's war on terrorism by Peter Van Ham
90 The role of PD in support of the anti-terrorism campaign - House IR Committee hearing
91 PBS interview with Charlotte Beers, Jan. 2003
92 Taking the Pulse of American Public Diplomacy in a Post 9/11 World by Barry Fulton
93 Speaking to our Silent Allies: PD and US Foreign Policy by Henry Hyde
94 Selling The War: The war's public-diplomacy campaign. by Eli Lake
95 PD and the war on Terror by Harold Pachios
96 What the World Thinks (of the USA) in 2002 by Pew Centre
97 Public Diplomacy and the War on Terrorism by P G Peterson
98 Improving the US PD Campaign in the war against terrorism by Richard Holbrooke & Carla Hills
99 Public Diplomacy & the transformation of international broadcasting by M.E. Price
100 Public Diplomacy Vital in Fight on Terror by Ralph Dannheisser
101 Changing Minds, Winning Peace: Reconsidering the Djerejian Report by John Brown
102 Changing Minds, Winning Peace*
103 Lebanon Rejects US Image Spots by Dalal Saoud
104 Allies PR war targets Arab street by H LaFranchi
105 America's Image Abroad and Motion Pictures by C Balassa
106 A Middle Eastern Perspective by K Abdulkareem
107 Is the message getting through to the Arab world? from Georgetown University
108 Winning Round Two of American Public Diplomacy in the Arab and Muslim Worlds By R.S. Zaharna
109 American PD in the Arab World -a strategic communications analysis by R S Zahama
110 The Youth Factor: The New Demographics of the Middle East by G E Fuller
111 US PD in the Islamic World by R S Zahama
112 US PD in Arab & Muslim World by C Beers
113 PBS interview with a sceptical Mamoun Fandy
114 PD & IT: America's semi-secret weapons by Alan Kotok
115 Boucher Reviews U.S. Public Diplomacy to Muslim World
116 To reach Arabs, try changing the channel by M Fandy
117 Re-engage the World by Robert Satloff
118 Voices who speak for (and against) us by Robert Satloff
119 Rethinking Public Diplomacy in the Middle East by Robert Satloff
120 US PD - Time to Get Back in the Game - 2009 report for SFRC
121 UK Public Diplomacy Strategy document from FCO (2003)
122 British PD in the 'Age of Schisms' by Mark Leonard
123 The United Kingdom: Foreign Cultural Policy by Robin Baker
124 British CD in the Middle East 1945-57 by James R. Vaughan
125 Britain Must Find Strategy for 'Hearts and Minds' in Middle East from the FPC
126 British PD Strategy 2001, Dhaka
127 A story of engagement - the British Council 1934-2009 by Ali Fisher
128 How we 'buy' hearts and minds (Australian PD) by B Watts
129 Danish Communications Strategy 2007-09
130 Danish Foreign Ministry goes global
131 Soft Power in Chinese Foreign Policy by multiple authors
132 Public Diplomacy - the German View by Albert Spiegel
133 Dutch Cultural Relations
134 Japan pushing cultural diplomacy by Tai Hayashi
135 Germany's public diplomacy targeting Arab audiences by O Zollner
136 Canada and the New PD by Evan Potter
137 Public Diplomacy: The Missing Component in Israel's Foreign Policy by E Gilboa
138 Japan launches English NHK World TV from AFP
139 Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy
140 Can Middle Powers use Public Diplomacy? by M Rudderham
141 Intergovernmental cultural co-operation in Europe by unknown
142 The Internet as a tool for influencing foreign policy by Dorothy Denning
143 The New Diplomacy: Utilizing Innovative Communication Concepts that Recognize Resource Constraints
144 Cyber-Diplomacy: a new strategy of influence by P C Pahlavi
145 Cultural Diplomacy and the US Government by M Cummings
146 US Cultural Diplomacy by M. C. Cummings
147 The past and future of western cultural relations & PD by P Aspden
148 Diplomacy that Works: 'Best Practices in Cultural Diplomacy by C Schneider
149 Cultural Diplomacy & Popular Culture in Europe & Asia by P J Katzenstein
150 Helena Kennedy on Cultural Diplomacy
151 Cultural Diplomacy (2007) from Demos Group
152 Cultural Imperialism? by Prof Taylor
153 Recent Trends in DoS support for CD by J A Sablosky
154 US Cultural Diplomacy As Imperialist Foreign Policy by N Taneja
155 Can CD Improve America's Standing in the Islamic World - Panel Discussion
156 Culture Communicates: US Diplomacy that works by Cynthia Schneider
157 America's cultural offensive By Simon Houpt
158 Cultural Diplomacy from the Centre for Arts & Culture
159 Cultural Diplomacy - the future by Robert T. Taylor
160 Cultural Diplomacy by Martha Hostetter
161 Remembering 9/11: photography as cultural diplomacy by Liam Kennedy
162 Cultural Diplomacy & US Security by H K Finn
163 Centre for Arts and Culture's Cultural Diplomacy Initiative
164 How the world sees the UK from the British Council
165 Moving Culture to the centre of Public Policy by S Venturelli
166 Political Culture and Political Communications by D Paletz & D Lipinski
167 Selling Taiwan: Diplomacy & Propaganda by Gary Rawnsley
168 Arts and Minds: CD and Global Tensions
169 American Cultural Diplomacy, the Cinema, and the Cold War in Central Europe by Reinhold Wagnleitner
170 Is there an audience for PD by Kim Andrew Elliot
171 The mess of American Public Diplomacy by M Helmke
172 Public diplomacy at a crossroads by Idriss Jazairy
173 Why Uncle Ben Hasn't Sold Uncle Sam by John Brown
174 The Purposes and Cross Purposes of PD by John Brown
175 Memo to Karen Hughes by John Brown
176 Why World War IV Can't Sell by John Brown
177 Remembering USIA by Wilson Dizard
178 The ABCs of PD in the Middle East by Martin Kramer
179 American PD and the Arab World by Andrew Kohut
180 PD & the Arab World by R S Zaharna
181 Fixing PD for Arab and Muslim audiences by William Rugh
182 Relating to the Muslim World: maybe less is more by Ellen Laipson
183 Of Two Minds: US PD in the Middle East by J J Napoli & J Fejeran
184 Coming Soon to Arab TV's: U.S. by J Rutenberg
185 Privatising US public diplomacy by Peter G. Peterson
186 Congressmen Urge More Public Diplomacy Funding
187 Statement by Margaret Tutwiler to House Appropriations Committee
188 National Security, Emerging Threats and IR by M Tutweiler
189 Statement by Edward Djerejian to House Appropriations Committee
190 Statement of David Abshire to House Appropriations Committee
191 Boob-Popping as Public Diplomacy by Richard Reeves
192 6 guidelines to improve American public diplomacy from The Daily Star
193 Winning hearts and minds: a lesson from Lebanon from The Daily Star
194 The US public diplomacy hoax: Why do they keep insulting us? by Rami G. Khouri
195 White House 2000 Conference on Cultural Diplomacy: Final Report
196 Globalization & Cultural Diplomacy by Harvey Feigenbaum
197 Senate Foreign Relations Commitee hearing on PD, February 2004
198 No Hurras For Al-Hurra by Amir Butler
199 Hi Times: Citizen Powell's State Department publishing adventure by T Cavanaugh
200 The Need to Communicate: How to Improve U.S. Public Diplomacy with the Islamic World by Hady Amr
201 Public Diplomacy in the Middle East - House subcommittee, February 2004
202 'Public Diplomacy' In The Islamic World by Y Sikand (a reply to the above)
203 J T Ford's statement on PD and IB, February 2004
204 In race for international students, US erects hurdles and loses out by Philip G Altbach
205 Mistrust of America higher than ever - Pew Center report, March 2004
206 Cultural diplomacy pays off, envoys say by Nicholas Kralev
207 U.S. public diplomacy fails to win Iraqi hearts, minds by T Sadahiro
208 America must regain its soft power by Joseph Nye
209 The Decline of American Soft Power by Joseph Nye
210 Soft Power: the means to success in World Politics by Joseph Nye
211 The Information Revolution & American Soft Power by Joseph Nye
212 Sell It Softly by Joseph N Nye
213 The Limits of Soft Power by K Ogoura
214 The Issue is Policy, Not Diplomacy! by S I Mufti
215 A cold-war tool for the terror era by John Hughes
216 US Public Diplomacy - Challenges Remain, 2004 GAO Report
217 USA Today article on PD failures and GAO Report
218 (Public) Diplomacy is our best defense by Derek Hoffman
219 America's Public Relations Disaster by J K Glassman
220 How al-Qaeda May End by Christopher C Harmon (Required PD themes)
221 Rebuilding Public Diplomacy by Walter R. Roberts and Barry Fulton
222 Improving US PD to Middle East by S Johnson
223 Diplomats Look to Cold War Tactics for Help in Arab World by P Brownfeld
224 Rolling back anti-Americanism: a job for USPD? from the AEI
225 Hearts, Minds and Hearings by Steven A. Cook
226 Payoff for Public Diplomacy a Long-Term Proposition from Adam Ereli
227 New Perspectives Quarterly Special Issue on Public Diplomacy
228 Remarks by Condoleezza Rice to USIP
229 Washington Pressing Public Diplomacy In Terrorism War by Andrew Tully
230 9/11 Commission Recommends Renewed Focus on US Public Diplomacy by Michael Bowman
231 Public diplomacy is not the magic bullet by Kim Andrew Elliott
232 US Must Overhaul Public Diplomacy by Wendy Melillo
233 Study: Cultural Exchanges Down Since Sept. 11 by L Jacobs
234 US Advisory Commission on PD Annual Report 2004
235 R S Zaharna on PD
236 Public Diplomacy Q & A from the Council of Foreign Relations
237 Thomas Keane and Jamie Gorelick on PD
238 Public Diplomacy, TV News and Muslim Opinion by E C Nisbet
239 9/11 Commission on Public Diplomacy
240 What the world thinks of America in 2004
241 PD, TV News and Muslim Opinion by E C Nesbit et al
242 By helping tsunami victims, America has a PD opportunity
243 A Call for Action on Public Diplomacy by PD Council
244 Dialogue-Based PD: a new foreign policy paradigm? by S Riorden
245 Rice can get our message to the world by Guy W Farmer
246 Public Diplomacy: Just Do It by Alvyn Snyder
247 American Public Diplomacy & Foreign Policy at a Crossroads by William P. Kiehl
248 Is it time to permit Americans to watch US International Broadcasting? by A Snyder
249 Public Diplomacy & Communications by T E Wirth
250 The Network Paradigm of Strategic Public Diplomacy by R.S. Zaharna
251 Everything's wrong with US PD from The Nation
252 Interagency Coordination Efforts Hampered by the Lack of a N'tl Communication Strategy - GAO Report
253 Flying Under the Radar: US Public Diplomacy in the Middle East by G Robison
254 Strengthening U.S. Public Diplomacy... by S Johnson, H C Dale & P Cronin
255 Why U.S. Public Diplomacy Failed in the Arab World by Nancy El-Gindy
256 Exporting the Wrong Picture by Martha Bayles
257 Lessons Learned from the Charlotte Beers Experience by A Tiedemann
258 A Small Ray of Hope for U.S. Public Diplomacy?
259 Karen Hughes at Town Hall for Public Diplomacy
260 CD - The Linchpin of Public Diplomacy
261 Rethinking Public Diplomacy for the 21st Century by Joshua S. Fouts
262 PD and Strategic Communication: Cultures, Firewalls, and Imported Norms by Bruce Gregory
263 What Academics (Should Have To) Say About Public Diplomacy by Kristin M. Lord
264 US [Public] Diplomacy and The War on Terrorism by Jim Kouri
265 European Infopolitik: Developing EU PD Strategy by Philipe Fiske de Gouvea
266 A Failed Public Diplomat by John Brown
267 State's Hughes Outlines Public Diplomacy Vision by Michael Jay Friedman
268 Karen Hughes addresses 2005 Forum on the Future of Public Diplomacy
269 Predictions for 2006 in Public Diplomacy by Alvin Snyder
270 The Limits of Public Diplomacy by Barry Zorthian
271 Senator Hyde & Karen Hughes to HoR, November 2005
272 Hughes says Bush Mideast policy not affecting public diplomacy mission
273 The Coles Report on British PD
274 Hughes Tries Fine-Tuning To Improve Diplomatic Picture by Glenn Kessler
275 Reflections on Public Diplomacy Today by Jan Melissen
276 Public diplomacy campaign targets key nations by Sue Pleming
277 Public Diplomacy - GAO Report, May 2006
278 What's gone wrong with America's image and why - reprise by PHK (blog)
279 Karen Hughes' Challenge by Joseph S Nye
280 Q&A: Karen Hughes (2007)
281 Lessons from Great Britain on the Future of Diplomacy by Lord Triesman
282 Washington's Troubling Obsession with PD by D M Edelstein & R R Krebs
283 2007 Strategy for PD and Strategic Communications
284 Latest (2007) GAO Report on PD
285 Public Diplomacy: Reinvigorating Our Strategic Communications by C Graffy
286 U.S. Public Diplomacy for the 21st Century by K M Lord
287 Engagement: Public Diplomacy in a Globalized World from FCO
288 Reforming US PD for the 21st Century by Tony Blankley, Helle C. Dale and Oliver Horn
289 Repairing American public diplomacy by William A. Rugh
290 US PD - Time to Get Back in the Game - Lugar Report to CFR
291 Why is the US waging the battle of ideas with one hand tied behind its back? by R G Lugar
292 PD: what it is, why it's needed and how it could work for America again by P H Kushlis & P L Sharpe
293 Judith McHale's Strategic PD Approach for the 21st Century
294 PD: Strengthening US Engagement with the world (2010)
295 Updating Smith-Mundt for the 21st Century (blog) by H Delle
296 Jamming for Uncle Sam: Getting the Best From Cultural Diplomacy by N Cull
297 All Out: China Turns on the Charm by Helle C Dale
298 Engaging Foreign Audiences: Assessment of Public Diplomacy Platforms (GAO Report 2010)
299 Digital Diplomacy by J Lichtenstein
300 Hi International Website
301 Beacon: a website on soft power and PD
302 Public Diplomacy Institute website
303 Public Diplomacy Bibliography
304 USC Center on Public Diplomacy
305 Dr Nancy Snow's website
306 Public Diplomacy Watch
307 Kim Andrew Elliot on PD and International Broadcasting
308 Links to other relevant articles and websites
309 Eccentric Star: A Public Dipmacy Weblog

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